Baby first month of life is not yet able to hold his head. Neck and shoulder muscle he is weak. So prevent your head dangled or crossed. Otherwise the child may get a serious injury. If you need to take baby out of the crib where he lies on his back, put one hand under his head, taking the neck and shoulders. The second hand move under her ass, and so on your palm and turned back. Gently lift the baby. Your movements should be calm and smooth, but at the same time confident. Sharply pull the newborn is impossible.
Many young dads are eagerly waiting for the moment when you can throw a little, circling him, taking the hands, etc. this will have to wait until the baby is a little stronger. The newborn to take the handles is impossible. Joints and its still not enough strong, you can inadvertently dislocate the elbow or even the shoulder. Throw is also not recommended until the neck muscles are sufficiently strengthened. By the way, by the time the child learns to hold his head, he will be able to get pleasure from the fact that it could pad and throw.
If you need to hold the baby face down (e.g. during cleaning under the tap), put it to your hand. The head should be in the crook of the elbow of the left hand (or right if you are left-handed). Second hand tempted baby.
Some babies like being carried face down. In this case the head is exactly the same as with the washing away, lies on the bend of the elbow right or left hand. The belly and breast of the baby on your forearm. With the hand hold the baby to the back, closer to the back. Second hand slide between the legs and keep the newborn in the tummy.
In the early days, try to avoid to keep baby upright. But it is sometimes necessary In this case, keep one hand on the head, back, and shoulders, and the other ass and lower back. Do not squeeze the ribcage. Keep baby's face or head, but in any case not sideways. Please refrain from trying to put the baby on your forearm, turning his torso to the side. Newborn bones are still soft, and if you constantly give your body the wrong position, they can warp.