What is the fight

Contractions can be divided into two categories, prenatal and emerging directly in the process of childbirth. Not always contractions of the uterus indicate the beginning of the birth of the child. In medicine, there is such a thing as "false labor", which can occur in the last months of pregnancy. Pain or pulling sensation in the abdomen alert, as a rule, the opening of the uterus. This process is accompanied by contractions of its muscles and increase the intrauterine pressure.

First, the contractions may occur at some interval that is gradually reduced. Uterus narrows and extends, whereby the fetus is expelled through the birth canal. After birth, the contractions stop.

Sensations during labor

Contractions may occur with different degrees of pain. Some women compare this state with a strong toothache, others draw an analogy with menstruation, the third category tries to forget the unbearable pain and not remember it. It is important to note that the fight is impossible to describe in a few sentences. This is an individual process that depends on many factors.

Alleviate the sensation of pain can preparation. Special gymnastics for pregnant women allows to prepare the muscles for childbirth and to learn how to breathe during this process. Controlling your emotional and physical condition, a woman can greatly reduce the pain.

Psychological state during pregnancy plays a very important role in the occurrence of contractions. If a woman is relaxed and takes all the processes it like a natural, she is able to perceive pain to a lesser degree, feeling only discomfort. If a girl is in a panic, it directly affects increased pain and increased duration of contractions.

How to determine the beginning of fights

Contractions can begin in several ways. Most women first feel a nagging pain in the back or lower back. Then the discomfort appears in the abdomen. Gradually appear sharp and intermittent contraction of the muscles of the uterus.

Less fights begin at once with the abdominal area. In this case, the woman probably just didn't pay attention to the so-called "harbingers" of childbirth. Most often this situation occurs if during pregnancy back pain often.

False labor can be distinguished by two main characteristics. First, the resulting pain or discomfort in the back and abdomen disappear, if you just walk a few steps. Secondly, during false alarms, there is no cuts or changes of state of the uterus. In any case, all pain should be immediately reported to your doctor. If necessary, we must act urgently to call an ambulance or go to the hospital.