You will need
    • salmon
    • coarse salt
    • sugar
    • ground allspice
    • lemon juice
    • Bay leaf and other spices to taste.
Clean the scales, wash the fish and wipe it with a cloth until almost dry condition. Cut the fins, head and tail. If with a tail grab and a bit of the fish body, then you'll have a good preparation for a fish soup. Such a waste-free production. Cut the salmon along the spine with a sharp knife, as if opening it into two symmetrical halves. Remove the spine and try to extract the edges.
Prepare the mixture for salting salmon. For this you will need: coarse salt, sugar, ground allspice and wishes, any other spices (e.g., tarragon, cilantro or ginger root). 1 kg salmon requires 3-4 tablespoons of sugar and the same of salt, spices to taste. If you add salt a little more – it's not scary, she will take as much as she needs. Worse – not it needs more salt.
The two halves of the fish liberally sprinkle the mixture.
In big dish, pour on the bottom a little of this mixture and place skin-side down one half of the fish. Top again sprinkle zasolochny mixture and sprinkle with lemon juice (in a pinch, diluted citric acid), add a few leaves of Bay leaf and, if desired, the parsley or dill or any other greens.
Then put the second half of salmon, this time skin side up. And again sprinkle with the mixture. The result – you would collect the fish again, but only with a layer of spices.
Cover the pan with a lid and place in the refrigerator or any cool place, not in the cold. Leave for pickling at 2 – 4 days, given the size of the fish.
After pickling, remove half the salmon from the brine, which will give the fish, wipe gently from the remnants of the spices, and then wipe. In no case can the fish rinse.
Cut the salmon into thin slices. Serve as a cold snack or sandwiches, garnish with herbs and sprinkled with lemon juice.