You will need
    • 1 kg red fish
    • 2 tbsp. salt
    • 1 tablespoon sugar
Well wash the fish, cut it along the ridge. If the fish is not yet gutted, clean them, disembowel, cut off the head. The fins and tail, remove. Pull the ridge. The two halves of the carcass RUB with salt, and then sugar. If you have less fish than indicated in the recipe accordingly and reduce the amount of salt and sugar. Their ratio should be two to one. Be sure to RUB carcass both inside and outside.
If you wish to be put on the fish a few Bay leaves, you can sprinkle black pepper or mustard. In any case, these spices should be little, they should give only a subtle hint of fragrance that has the smell of a noble fish.
Further variants are possible. To pickle red fish, it should be left to proclivities under the yoke or wrapped in gauze. In the first case, the prepared halves of the carcass lay in a bowl, top cover plate, and the plate, put a weight. The easiest way is to take a glass jar and fill it with water. The yoke ready. To stand under the yoke of red fish, maybe just on the kitchen table, she did not want the cold. After 12 hours, remove the fish, shake off the excess salt and put in the refrigerator.
In another case, red fish, grated salt, sugar and spices, wrap in several layers of cheesecloth or parchment paper. In this form, pickling the red fish is required in the cold. Place the wrapped fish in the refrigerator. Using the same 12 hours the fish is ready.
In addition, you can salt red fish and already pre-chopped into thin slices.
Take a sharp knife and slice the raw fish slices, place the knife at an angle of 45 degrees. In a bowl, mix salt and sugar in the ratio of two to one. Then roll each slice in the mixture, a little rubbed, salt-sugar fingers. Dip each slice in vegetable oil (or brush with oil already placed in a bowl plate). Eat the thus prepared red fish need fairly quickly, in the fridge it will last no more than two days.