Often lose weight rapidly people who have diabetes form 1. In this case, the body's cells not getting enough insulin: although blood glucose levels may be high, but the glucose is not taken up into the cell, and instead excreted along with the urine from the body. As a result the person loses weight drastically. But sometimes accompanies weight loss and diabetes form 2. To atto take some action to change weight, first determine what you have diabetes, consult your physicians. Listen to the advice of the endocrinologist: he will give all the necessary recommendations about diet and the composition of the products. You should learn to control the level of sugar in the body.
Try to keep your body has insulin in such an amount that it needs. In severe cases, you will be given a complete diet with a high amount of calories.
Make yourself a clear list of foods, dividing them arbitrarily into three parts: one part is the products are important and necessary, the other is possible, but in limited quantities, and the third never is. You will see that the first list is quite impressive.
The properties of individual products are similar to the properties of insulin and, therefore, they can be essential components of your diet. Eat garlic, soybeans, green raw vegetables, sprouts, sprouted wheat germ, Flaxseed oil. Exhausted people with lack of insulin is recommended is natural honey – a source of many nutrients, and also drink goat's milk. Try to understand how it is influenced by the foods of different groups in your state. An important step on the road to recovery – good awareness.
Eat frequent, better five or six times a day. Diversify your diet.
Mention that you need a properly composed diet. Try daily to make the menu, considering the percentage of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and calories of your food. In your diet witharound a third should be fats, 20% proteins and the rest carbs. If dramatically reducing the weight, you when youneed to increase daily caloric. In addition, distribute the carbohydrate load so that it was uniform throughout the day.