Advice 1: How to increase the immunity of the skin

Skin - a kind of shield your body, but because its condition can tell a lot about the state of health in General. To raise immunityand skin there are a number of procedures, and they are aimed at restoring not only the skin but the whole organism.
How to increase the immunity of the skin
Firstly, it is necessary to address to the immunologist. He will gather the necessary data about your health condition, prescribe a set of special procedures that they would recommend the study (immunogram). And based on the results, the specialist will find you a suitable drug. In any case, do not purchase immunomodulators on their own, without medical advice.
However, in addition to drugs, there are other methods. Very useful, for example, is bath. You will be able to improve overall immunity, normalize the work of all systems of the body and clear your skin from impurities and toxins. Bath, by the way, can replace a lot of cosmetics to maintain elasticity, help prevent wrinkles, since the hot bath is the best remedy for healing.
Long established the fact that under the influence of sunlight increases the body's immunity, resistance to adverse environmental influences. The sun is also able to strengthen the nervous system, stimulate hematopoiesis and metabolism. Remember, however, that the time of reception of solar baths should not exceed two hours per day. When you do this, be sure to use special remedies (lotions, creams, sprays). Remember about the fact that it is not necessary out in the sun after a bath, as this can destroy the protective layer of the skin and increase the risk of burns.
Will help to raise immunity and a variety of vitamin complexes. If you do not want to get vitamins from pills or capsules, then look for them in natural sources. Vitamin C is also contained in foods such as strawberries, mango, papaya, rose hips, red peppers, green peppers, guava, Kale, tomatoes, spinach and, of course, all citrus. This vitamin not only boosts immunity but also participates in the synthesis of collagen, so necessary for the skin and provides structure, vascular tissues, muscle, cartilage, and bone. When interacting with other vitamins (A, B6, iron), its effect is amplified.

Advice 2: How to increase immunity of the child

If your child from birth, often sick, and the disease passes into the severe form, to urgently consider raising the immunity of the baby. Start to carry out hardening of the child, review his routine and diet.
How to increase immunity of the child
First of all, as long as you can keep from feeding the child. Take your time with the transition to artificial feeding, even if it includes a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Breast milk is better than any artificial additives enhances the immune system in children, improve children's ability of body to resist various infectious diseases.
Let us as a baby drink a decoction of rose hips (it is very rich in vitamin C). Take 200 gr. dried berries and brew 200-250 gr. boiling water in a thermos. Let it brew broth for one hour. Then cool to room temperature and give the baby on a table spoonful two or three times a day.
Be sure to do a newborn all the necessary vaccinations on the schedule that is recommended by pediatrician. They help in the formation of artificial immunity. Even if your baby is sick, for example, chicken pox after vaccination, the disease will be milder and you will be able to avoid serious consequences after the disease.
Match the child and also the natural immunity. To do this, you must understand that an overly paranoid momma, wishing to protect her baby from any bacteria trying to create a sterile environment in the nursery, rather harm him than help. In any case, do not wipe too many times a day in all possible disinfectants all surfaces in the nursery. It will be enough to meet once a day, wet cleaning, and ventilate the room in the morning and before bed in the evening.
Strictly follow the daily routine of the baby. In order to feel fit and healthy during the day, he should sleep enough time (depending on the age requirements of the child's body). Walk with the baby (preferably twice daily) in all weather. While walking do not coddle the child too much. You can't protect him from colds. In this case, he will sweat and even from a weak wind may catch a cold. Infants wear for the weather. Moreover, instead of one, too warm blankets it is better to use several thinner to keep the heat between layers of fabric.
Arrange baby air baths. While swaddling does not seek quickly to wrap up and leave naked for five minutes. But first make sure that the room was not drafts.
Do baby massage: RUB and caress legs, hands, back, and tummy. You will be able to carry out such procedure on its own, before observing such manipulations patronage sisters.
Also do with child physical exercise. Just enough to bend him at the knees legs, to pull him to her by the handles and flip in different directions, and the tummy.
Every day make a child water and baths. You can add decoctions succession, oregano, chamomile. They positively affect the skin condition of the baby, and on General emotional and physical condition of the children, calming them before bedtime.
In no case do not give the baby medication without consulting with your doctor. You can greatly harm your baby self-medicate, and to destroy his immune system. The consequence of the use of many drugs can be a violation of the microflora of the stomach and intestines,as well as the development of serious allergic conditions.

Advice 3: How to increase immunity in the herpes

Herpes infection is recognized as the most uncontrollable and widespread. Striking any part of the skin and mucous membranes. The main measure to fight the herpes virus is to strengthen immunity of the body. Herpes is exacerbated on the background of cancer and infectious diseases, when there is a decrease in protective forces of an organism due to prolonged hormonal, or similar drugs, hormonotherapy food additives, etc. as well As, fall and spring – time burst herpes infection.
How to increase immunity in the herpes
You will need
  • interferon;
  • - timalin;
  • - timogen;
  • - Siberian ginseng;
  • - Rhodiola rosea;
  • - aloe;
  • - med;
  • the fruits of sea buckthorn;
  • the fruits of viburnum;
  • the fruits of mountain ash;
  • - the root of ginseng;
  • - licorice root;
  • - lemongrass;
  • - Echinacea.
Among immunostimulating drugs for herpes take drugs of interferon and thymalin or timogen, according to the recommendations of a physician.
You can prepare a vitamin tonic and adaptogenic drink. Take a tablespoon of crushed dried fruits of sea buckthorn, viburnum, Rowan, 1 teaspoon of chopped dried root of ginseng, and the Bay all components in liter of boiling water, put on fire and bring to a boil. Steep for 30 minutes, strain, add a tablespoon of honey. Hot drink half a Cup 3 times a day for 10-14 days.
To strengthen the immune system prepare the following composition. Mince the bottom leaves of aloe, to get at least 250 grams of milled mass. Add the same amount of honey and mix well, put on 3-5 days in the fridge. Take a tea spoon of the prepared composition three times a day for 15-20 minutes before eating. This amount will be enough for a course of immune forces of an organism.
To strengthen immunity it is possible to buy ready-made pharmacy tincture of Siberian ginseng, Schizandra, Rhodiola rosea. They take 30 drops 2-3 times a day for half an hour before meals.
Very effective decoction of Echinacea purpurea, making, crushed leaves and flowers pour boiling water (a tablespoon per 200 ml) and placed in a water bath and cook for 15-20 minutes. Insisting one hour, strain and take 75-100 ml of the decoction 2-3 times a day for 14-20 days.
You should not take medicines from plants adaptogens, which include eleuthero, Schizandra, Rhodiola, ginseng, Echinacea, fever, hypertension, increased nervous excitability, myocardial infarction.
Useful advice
Very useful in the offseason to start the day with herbal tea, including rose hips, the fruits and leaves of BlackBerry, raspberry, peppermint, nettle.
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