Wash hands with soap and rinse thoroughly. Hospitals usually wear gloves, but it's not necessary, unless of course you put a shot themselves. If you injected another person, it is better to put on sterile gloves.
Carefully open the ampoule and draw up the medicine. Put the tip on the syringe and put aside, but be careful not to drop it on the floor. Each time use a new syringe, an old can develop bacteria and boil it.
Treat skin disinfectant such as alcohol or any liqueur that has a strength of more than 70 turns. Wipe not only the place of direct injection, and a more extensive part of the skin.
If you put a shot to another person, to put in hand. And if yourself in the stomach. Fold the two fingers of the free hand, and safely insert the needle at an angle of 40-50 degrees to a depth of 3-4 mm. Gradually mix the cure and apply with a cotton swab, but don't squeeze, otherwise it can get damaged with a needle through the skin.