You decided to make an updo with curls and artificial flowers or string of pearls? Not to cover such beauty, simply attach the miniature veil down, under the hair.
If the wedding hairstyle is low or the hair will be broken up and stacked flowing curls, attach the veil on top, adding a radiant diadem. By the way, tiara with veil is perfect with almost any hairstyle. However, the other shiny and frilly decorations in the hair minimize, otherwise the appearance will be overloaded. Tiara with veil ideal for young brides.
Brides who prefer a small veil to the waist of the flimsy fabrics, and you can not worry about its attachment. This elegant ornament is attached to the center of wedding hairstyles with invisible or decorative studs.
Long straight veil looks great as a continuation of the wedding wreath. Salons offer brides wreaths of various shapes and colors, woven with threads of faux pearls, silk ribbons and artificial flowers. Valid even decoration of flowers, but will have to be a secret little box below throughout the day to replace the dead flowers for fresh ones. The convenience of a veil to the wreath in that it is easy to remove when you no longer need to carry a long train.
Bunk or a three-tiered veil suit lovers of lush voluminous dresses and hairstyles. Under such a veil is laying with lots of curls and Hedwig. Attach a lush veil in wedding hair by using a wide comb with rhinestones, or little crown (hem - veil - thin thread these accessories).
Some brides prefer to complement your look not a classic hairstyle and fashionable petite hat. To wear both a hat and a veil will not work. However, the design allows hats to combine them. Traditional wedding hats fasten at the back. Outside of the hat is covered with satin fabric, lace, flowers, pearls and the transparent cloth which plays the role of a veil. It's one thing to drop on the face or folded back. Some hats are available with elegant sewn into the veil to his shoulders. This hat is preferred by the bride, not for the first time marrying.