Do those things that bring you real benefits. Among them is proper diet, which should include balanced and healthy diet. Eat several times a day in small portions – it allows to distribute the energy for the whole day.
Don't forget to have Breakfast in the morning, and also reduce sugar intake. Every day drink at least a liter of clean water and increase physical activity – at least three times a week exercise, as it raises vitality and strengthens the body.
Train yourself to go to bed early – then early awakening will not cause you discomfort. Try every day to go to bed at the same time and Wake up also at the same time. This mode will eventually gain a foothold in your biorhythms, and sleep will become more healthy and peaceful and you Wake up, will feel rested and not overwhelmed.
Every 90 or 120 minutes of your time recover – drink some water, eat, do exercises. This will allow to recover concentration after cyclic fatigue.
In addition, twice a week to arrange a sports training – this will prevent the emergence of many diseases, accelerate metabolism and will help to restore energy and accumulate it for further activities.