In a hot syrup made on fruit broth gelatin is administered at the rate of 1-1,5 tablespoons in 500 ml of water. After the gelatin dissolved, the syrup is combined with fruit or berry juice to improve the taste add lemon juice or citric acid, grape wine), clarified, poured into a form and cooled. Fruit jelly is prepared and combined by pouring the mixture made in the form of fresh or concentrated fruit and berries.
Before submitting the form dipped for a few seconds in hot water, covered with a saucer, shaken and overturned. Ready jelly is a gelatinous mass of sour-sweet taste with the flavor and color of fruits and berries, of which it is made.
At holiday watering fruit-berry syrup (preferably different color).
When manufacturing milk jelly sugar-gelatin syrup combine with milk, in which pre-add vanilla, cocoa or coffee decoction.
4,5 tbsp gelatin

750 ml sugar syrup

500 ml of fruit syrup red

500 ml of fruit syrup yellow

500 ml of milk

1 sachet of vanillin
Pour the sugar syrup 3 cups and add 1.5 tablespoons of gelatin to each. Heated in a water bath for the first glass, after the gelatin dissolves, strain it and pour red syrup. Stir and pour into mold large diameter with walls having a height of about 10 cm in the refrigerator.
As soon as the layer hardens, heat the second Cup of the syrup with the gelatin in a water bath, drain, mix with milk, vanilla, cool slightly and pour into mold on the first layer.
After the second layer hardens — in the same way to melt a third Cup with the gelatin, strain, mix with the remaining syrup, cool slightly, and pour it over the milk layer.
After solidification removed from the mould on a tray and serve.