You will need
  • or
  • - computer, Internet;
  • or
  • coupon from the newspaper, the pen.
Decide on the Newspapers in which are going to place an ad. Specify how you will be able to sell it. In some cases this can be done by phone or the Internet. But there are editions where they are accepted only on the appropriate coupons that are either mailed or drop in the designated boxes. Start writing ads in the newspaper, knowing all the nuances.
Start by selecting a category. How it is produced correctly, will see your message recipients. For example, if you want to rent a room, and by mistake put the announcement under the heading "lease" - at risk of not getting any response. There is another scenario. Let's say you mistakenly post this announcement under the heading "rent" - then you expect a barrage of calls from those who get tempted significantly lower cost. But it will not be what does not lead the calls, because a significant number of readers at first will decide what we are talking about the apartment, and then inevitably be disappointed. Still consider you a fraud, wishing to draw attention to its proposal.
Proceed with the preparation of the text. First, we should talk about the subject that you want to buy, sell, exchange, etc. and Then try to objectively specify its condition, year of manufacture, how many were exploited. A few words, it is desirable to write about the competitive advantages – for example, what is this model better. Many kittens, puppies or other animals, please describe breed, origin, color, the main features of appearance and character. It is also possible to place a photo of the animal.
Specify the issue price, which will protect you from the endless telephone conversations. It is better to do at the end of the ad. If the appropriate bargaining – also specify. To end the text following contacts: telephone, address Poste restante or email address. Sometimes the coupons are provided for the respective fields, so be careful.