To start a workout best with a fairly simple game – crackers. One man stands on the spot and offers his hand so that the other partner was comfortable for her to beat (for example, you can stand sideways and hold your palm in front of him). The first task is to remove the hand before impact, and the second is to hit it. You can also keep score after a while the players change. The principle embodied in this game you can use in other exercises, for example undercuts.
Subconscious reaction is far superior in speed conscious. Therefore, it is in the subconscious must be stored reactions to certain stimuli. This can be achieved by constant repetition of movement in training. Most likely, you will need to conduct approximately 6-9 thousand repetitions, and at times need to do more than 300. That is, you need about two months for subconscious learning of the motor pattern. But this process can be speeded up, this will help you in the following ways.
Any person has their own individual physical reactions, formed in the course of development. It is well known that the old reflexes are much easier to develop than to acquire new ones. So, when developing new protective techniques need to rely primarily on your natural reaction.
Meditation is complete concentration on a particular subject. In order to focus on the subject, you need to disconnect from the rest of the world, relax. Many people make the mistake in meditation: they are relaxing, but they forget about focusing. The benefits of such meditation are almost there. Reaching the state of relaxation, you need to visualize and focus on the technical action. But in any case, don't force yourself to meditate by force. To begin meditation you need only at the moment when you feel the need.