You can do this using Photoshop, but this requires to be able with this program to work. There are special software oriented to work with watermarks. Of these programs, you can highlight Professional Photo Watermark, Easy Batch Watermark, Visual Watermark, Watermark Factory, and others. Let us examine the stacking order of watermark for example the first of these.
Run the program. The navigation bar here at the top of the window. Go to the menu "Folder" and select the folder of images. Down in the Filmstrip you will see all your photos.
At the top of the pane is the Properties tab. Write the text watermark at your request below in the window. This inscription will be located on your chosen picture.
Right near the letter "T" has an arrow, clicking on which you'll see an interesting menu. If your photo was shot on a video camera or a digital camera, after clicking on tabs the menu as a watermark will display the properties of a photo: date taken, image size, index, manufacturer, and more.
Optionally, you can add frame for your photo, by clicking on the tab called "Frame".
Now go to the main menu, where is necessary to understand several basic functions. With the rest of them then you will be able to see yourself. You can change the angle of the inscriptions on the photos, type and font size of watermark, as well as its color and transparency. Below the watermark is not very conspicuous, the transparency can be set at around 45%. So they not only will not interfere with normal perception of the image, but the background image does not get lost.
Next, click on the button in the form of a floppy disk and save the modified image to any folder you want.