Prepare the wooden handle of a net. Its diameter should be approximately 10-15 mm. the handle Surface should be carefully treated not to splinter hands.
Now cut a piece of steel wire with a length of about 0.7-1 meter. The wire diameter should be not less than 3 mm. Now you need to make an arc. For this best suited the tree trunk of suitable size. In principle, the form of a net does not have to be round. The nets are very different: rectangular, square, and triangular. However, it is better to give him the shape of a circle. A circle is a geometric figure with minimum perimeter is a maximum area. Otherwise, we can say that the square on the net will need to spend more of wire and fabric, in the same area of the net. In addition, the angles reduce the stiffness. The ring is most rigid figure. The presence of corners is accompanied by the rapid wear and tear of the fabric.
The Hoop needs to be done, given what must be the ends and a total length of 10-15 cm. Of them you have to construct a two-arm designed for attaching the Hoop to the handle of a net. One shoulder should be slightly longer than the other. Perpendicular to the circumference of the Hoop bend them down. The ends of the shoulders at the right angle you need to bend into the structure. But remember that the whole structure must lie in the same plane.
After fabrication of the wrap attach it to the handle. Drill out two holes to a depth of one centimeter. These holes need to be drilled from the end of the handle at distances equal to the lengths of the shoulders. In addition, the thickness of the wire should exceed the wire diameter by approximately 0.5 cm, So make for the most reliable connection. the ends of the Hoop is hammered into prepared holes. The shoulders of the net should fit snugly to the handle. Now we need to build them. This tied them with wire to the handle.
It remains to make the bag. For this fit, soft cloth such as gauze. Bag better make so that it uses the minimum number of corners. This is necessary in order that insects cannot get clogged in them. In order to attach the finished bag to the Hoop, you need to take a strip of durable fabric with a width of about ten inches, fold it in half along the length and put on the Hoop. From the bottom to the tape sew the bag. The net is ready!