Advice 1: How to prevent missed abortion

Less risk of fetal death in women who planned birth. Elderly women are more difficult to carry a child, it is often associated with age-related changes in the body. But in any case, to prevent the tragedy still possible important to observe a number of recommendations, which should give the gynecologist. If you have already had the stood pregnancy, do not worry, watch your health and you give birth to a healthy baby.
How to prevent missed abortion
If you are planning pregnancy, be sure to complete the full physicians. Return all tests for infection, make sure to do ultrasound of internal organs. If there are any problems with health, then a little move planned until you've completed treatment. When pregnancy has already occurred, this does not exempt the woman from medical examination. It is advisable to go to the hospital as early as possible.
Regularly attend antenatal clinic and donate blood and urine tests. If there is a failure, the tests will record. When the doctor insists that you need to go to the hospital, listen to the doctor. Often the stood pregnancy is the fault of women that didn't follow the advice of a specialist.
Do not take any medications, herbs, too. If you feel bad or something bothers you, contact the doctor who conducts your pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage increases dramatically if a woman self-medicates. Especially important as soon as possible to visit a physician if you suspect the flu virus, which can give serious complications in fetal development.
If you have the risk of losing the baby, the doctor he will prescribe all necessary medications. Vitamins and other food supplements should prescribe a gynecologist. It's impossible to find any of these tools yourself, even seemingly harmless vitamins.
The entire pregnancy lead an active lifestyle, try not to sit in one place. Because of the permanent stay in the apartment there may be changes in the body, which is not the best way affect the health of mother and baby. Walk in the fresh air, enjoy your life and try to think less about the bad. Stress has a negative impact on the condition of the expectant mother.
If you feel strong abdominal pain or bleeding, call an ambulance. Usually the pregnancy can be saved. Be attentive to yourself and then 9 months later you give birth to a wonderful baby. Sorry, there are no particular ways to prevent the stood pregnancy. Just be calm and follow the recommendations of the expert.

Advice 2 : How to feel missed abortion

Miscarrying a pregnancy is the cessation of development and death of the fetus. It occurs at different periods, but more often it occurs before the 12th week of pregnancy. The most common causes are bad habits, stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition.
How to feel missed abortion
In the early stages to determine the stood pregnancy itself is almost impossible. No special symptoms are detected. However, if you have had severe morning sickness that suddenly stopped, then do not wait for the appointed time of the visit in consultation, and contact your doctor as soon as possible. He will prescribe additional tests to make sure everything is in order.
With a slight increase in temperature will also reach out to doctors. If you do not feel any diseases that could raise your temperature, it may be the result of missed abortion. Only gynecologist will be able to listen to the fetal heartbeat and to make sure no violations.
At a later date if you missed abortion you will feel a dull pain in the abdomen or lower back, you may have some mild spotting.
The most important symptom in the later stages is the absence of fetal movements. If you regularly feel your little kicks and rolls inside, then frozen pregnancy no movement will be gone. Pay close attention and at the slightest suspicion, immediately contact the advice. Just do not think that the child should hourly to actively Express themselves. Because it obeys its own rhythms of rest and wakefulness.
At the slightest disturbance of health, contact your doctor immediately. If the heartbeat of the fetus is not bugged, you must prescribe ultrasound examination and a blood test.
If further surveys show a cessation of perturbations, after a few days they are administered repeatedly. Take seriously their passage. Only when reaffirmation is determined by the final sinking of pregnancy. Then the doctor decides to conduct an operation to its termination.
If the doctors determined the need for surgical intervention, immediately agree to the surgery. Here every minute counts. Because each day is an increasing poisoning of your body, chances of blood poisoning and can even be fatal.
To avoid missed abortion, regularly observe the doctor, follow all regulations, rationally eat, more walk in the fresh air, and in any case not drink alcohol. Drugs take only after consultation with the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Advice 3 : How to save the pregnancy

Risk of miscarriage can occur for different reasons: the poor state of women's health, stress, unhealthy lifestyle or exercise. Fortunately, in many cases, the pregnancy can be saved if you follow all the recommendations of doctors, to pass the necessary tests and to undergo regular screening.
How to save the pregnancy
If the registration of the pregnancy, the doctor diagnosed you the tone of the uterus, which is fraught with spontaneous miscarriage, and you have a serious gynecological diseases or other severe illnesses, you may be offered treatment in a hospital. Listen to the words of the doctor and do not refuse hospitalization, if you really want to carry a child.
In milder cases, except when the tone of the uterus you do not reveal any threatening normal development of the fetus abnormalities, the doctor is likely to prescribe outpatient medication. In addition to medication you might be also recommended to reduce physical activity and abstinence from sex life. Don't neglect these tips and regularly take prescribed drugs gynecologist — this will help you to avoid the occurrence of miscarriage.
To spontaneous abortion and can cause some chronic diseases, so be sure to tell your doctor about all your existing health problems. Consult relevant experts and to the pregnancy proceeded normally, strictly adhere to their recommendations. If need be, complete the full course of treatment.
Even if you are completely healthy, in the period of carrying a child, try to rest more, diversify your diet and try to avoid stress, injuries and heavy physical and mental stress, which can also lead to the risk of miscarriage. Regularly scheduled medical examinations and ultrasound — this will help to identify any, even the most minor deviations in fetal development.
If you have signs of early miscarriage: you began to be troubled with pain in the abdomen or lower back, you have a bloody discharge from the genital tract — do not self-medicate, and without loss of time to seek medical attention immediately. In many cases, the time taken by the experts of action can help to normalize the situation and keep the pregnancy.

Advice 4 : What are the signs of missed abortion

Missed abortion occurs in women of all ages. The same problem may occur when the confluence of various forces and factors. Therefore, expectant mothers need to know the signs of a fading of pregnancy.
What are the signs of missed abortion

Missed abortion is the termination of the growth and development of the fetus, its death in the womb. This problem can arise at different stages of pregnancy, most often occurs in the first trimester (twelve weeks). Often the first signs of fetal death in early pregnancy could find only on routine inspection at the gynecologist. And sometimes it happens a few weeks later, as the stood pregnancy are manifested without any obvious signs, barely noticeable.

The first symptom that may indicate this problem occurs, it becomes sudden cessation of nausea (morning sickness, chasing a future mother). In addition, there are clear symptoms that indicate the presence of pregnancy: breast pain and also decrease the basal temperature. But the woman can not make those signs really matter, especially if the pregnancy is still very small.

Late in the term missed abortion can occur in different ways. It can be strong cramping and pulling pain in the abdomen and the presence of vaginal bleeding. These symptoms also indicate the possibility of abortion due to peeling the ovum. In addition, the fetal death in the later period is characterized by the absence of its perturbation. Therefore, these symptoms will not go unnoticed.

Reasons for the occurrence of these problems quite a lot. It is a hormonal disorder in the woman's body, chromosomal changes of the fetus, chronic and infectious diseases. But the most common cause of missed abortion is the wrong way of life of the expectant mother (abuse of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes), which are typical of the disease (toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, herpes) and the reception of potent drugs.

Advice 5 : Why fades the fruit

Missed abortion - special pathology, which occurs for many reasons. In the period before conception should be closely monitored for health, to avoid this problem and give birth to a healthy baby.
Why fades the fruit

The stood pregnancy at different stages

Missed abortion may develop as a result of many reasons. Often the fetus dies in the later stages, and it happens due to the fact that the body of the pregnant woman was exposed to various infections (influenza, rubella, hepatitis b), or expectant mother suffers from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diseases of the endocrine glands, or the fetus has anomalies which are not compatible with his life. Also, this pathology may develop after the organism poisoning with vapors of mercury, lead, aniline compounds.

In the early stages of pregnancy also freezes for many reasons. Most often, such tragedies result in chromosomal abnormalities, mismatched RH factors of mother and fetus, maternal age over 35 years, alcohol consumption, Smoking or drug abuse.

Symptoms and consequences of missed abortion

Missed abortion is a pathology in which the development of the foetus stops and he dies inside the womb of the mother. Under the diagnosis of missed abortion gynecologists recognize early enough (in the first trimester). But the pregnant woman also need to closely monitor their condition.

If the fetus is developing normally, the woman feels all the signs of pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, mood changes, breast engorgement. But at some point, these symptoms may cease to occur, and the health improves. Here the improvement of health — a bad sign. It means that the life of the fetus stopped and the pregnancy stopped.

Also in gynecological practice there are cases of paralysis of the fetus in multiple pregnancies, first developed when pregnant with twins or triplets, and then one embryo dies and exists in a frozen condition in the womb, and remove it at the time of childbirth. However, this situation is fraught with complications, life-threatening to the mother and the surviving fetus. So doctors closely monitor the health of the pregnant woman and fetus development.

In the event of a distress call artificial birth. In the early stages in ninety percent of such pregnancies result in spontaneous abortions. If it did not happen, doctors do scraping, vacuum extraction or induce the abortion medication. In any case, to self-medicate or cause a miscarriage yourself with missed abortion impossible, it is fraught with future infertility or the development of inflammatory diseases in the uterus.
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