You will need
  • paint (automotive or any other), sandpaper, screwdriver, clear varnish.
Before painting you need to prepare the laptop. For a start it must be completely disassembled, the paint didn't get on the important elements. The scheme for dismantling of the laptop should be in the manual or on the official website of the manufacturer. As a rule, painted cover and the plastic cover around the keyboard, because they are most susceptible to damage and chipped paint.
Followed by sanding with emery paper finish which is painted. Do not exert too much effort, enough to remove some paint and scratches. Skins better in water or periodically wetting its surface.
After processing sandpaper all parts should be washed and degreased for smoother paint and to avoid bubbles. Then the surface is uniformly primed, and then allow soil to dry thoroughly (at home it takes about a day).
Next is applied a first thin layer of paint. Best suited car paint, but you can use any other. After drying apply another layer.
After drying similarly applied the first coat of varnish and then (about 24 hours) the second. Further, the laptop is again dried. After checking all the painted parts you can safely collect it. Unpainted parts can be polished for a better effect. The painting is finished.