Advice 1: How to fry meat with onions

Any garnish you can cook meat, fried with onions. Serve it with potato or pea mash, fresh vegetables, rice, buckwheat, pasta. And it always will be a hearty and tasty dish. How to fry meat with onions so that it is juicy and delicious?
How to fry meat with onions
You will need
    • 500 grams of meat;
    • 3 large onions;
    • 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise;
    • vegetable oil for frying;
    • spices for pork;
    • Bay leaf;
    • salt.
Take pork meat without bones, wash it under cold running water.
Cut the meat into small pieces. Put it in a saucepan.
Peel the onion. For this dish the onions should be plenty. Slice the onion into half rings.
Place the sliced onions in the pot with the meat. Mix everything together with your hands, lightly rubbing the meat with onions.
Salt contents of the pan. Sprinkle meat and onion with spices for pork. Add the Bay leaf, broken into pieces. Put in a pot of mayonnaise and mix well.
Cover pot and refrigerate for 2-3 hours to marinate meat.
Over high heat in a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil. Put meat with onions into the pan. Reduce heat to simmer.
Cook the meat over medium heat until light Golden brown, stirring occasionally.
Pour into the pan 0.5 cups of hot water once the meat is covered with a ruddy crust. Bring to a boil, stir. Close the pan with a lid and simmer the meat until tender.
Put the meat on a plate, next put a side dish. Serve hot.

Bon appetit!
When roasting, it is important not to overdry meat.
If the meat is chopped very finely, with the appearance of Golden brown it is ready, the 9 step instructions are not required.
Pouring water into the pan with the meat, it's really hot hot steam!
Useful advice
Instead of pork for this dish, you can use beef or chicken.

Advice 2: How to fry meat on a frying pan

Meat is very useful and tasty product. There are plenty of ways of making it. Lamb, beef, pork – all of these types of meat have their own characteristics and need to be taken into account when cooking. If you understand the intricacies in no time, it can be easy to fry. We will talk about how to fry meat on a frying pan.
Fry the meat in the pan
General principles
Time of cooking meat not depend on the size of the piece, they can be both small and quite large. The most important thing is not to overdry the product, leaving it enough juice. That is why the fire should do harder and use enough oil. Fry the meat in a pan is better with onions. Remove the onion rings should be only after we see the meat of a ruddy crust.

It should be remembered that it is best to fry the meat in a pan without a lid. Prepared piece is necessary to throw into the hot fat. It is through this formed Golden crust – it will not saturate the meat as an unnecessary and superfluous fat, and will keep the meat juice. Do not drive the piece on the pan here and there, just make sure you fry the meat in the pan on one side and then flip and do the same with the other.

Frozen meat
If the meat was frozen, the frying time it will have to increase. However, in order to reduce the time of frying, you can recapture a piece of meat and then marinate it for some time. As a marinade, use the juice from the lemon and any of your favorite spices. Juice can replace citric acid solution. The pieces do not lay on the pan too close to each other. Otherwise, you will fry and float the dish. Also, don't forget to make the fire stronger. Cook the meat and sometimes check it, slightly piercing the tip of a knife. Readiness can be determined by eye-catching transparent juice. On average, the whole process will take no more than 20 minutes.

Fresh meat
Fry the meat in a frying pan can be much faster if it is not frozen. It can be fried without using oil on a hot griddle. To use the pepper and salt should be in the moment when the surface will appear blood. Then turn and again sprinkle with spices and salt. After a few minutes you can remove the dish from the stove. This method is good if you want to fry the meat with a delicious crust, a bit dry without the extra liquid.

Advice 3: How to fry chicken, so it was not dry

Cooking always want to cut. Poultry requires less time for cooking than the other. Want to enjoy a great taste of mouth-watering filet, and not a piece of dry white meat. There are a few secrets of cooking delicious chicken.
How to fry chicken, so it was not dry
Hasty cooking chicken without preparation leads to the fact that the meat becomes tough and the taste quality is lost. Fried chicken will not only satisfy, but also delight for gourmands will appreciate the tenderness of roasted fragrant meat.

The effect of dairy products on the quality of the meat

Long ago discovered the secret of milk and dairy products. Even the toughest meat after soaking in the milk becomes softer and juicier. Therefore, before cooking you need the carcass to fill with milk, poke with a fork in several places and before you fry the chicken, leave in fridge for at least 2-3 hours. After that RUB salt and spices and fry. The meat is soft, tender and juicy.

Instead of milk you can use yogurt or mayonnaise. The principle is the same, only need to mix the marinade with 2 tablespoons of salt, pepper, coriander in equal proportions. For flavor you can add chopped garlic. Cooking chicken takes place for 30-40 minutes.

Proven "old-fashioned" ways

Even our grandmothers and mothers knew how to fry chicken, it is planted in half-liter jar with water and put in the oven or the oven. Today, this method is also relevant, but gourmets prefer instead of water, use wine. Evaporating, it permeates the meat, enveloping alluring aroma and giving amazing taste and tenderness. This chicken does not require a side dish.

In the pre-fried vegetables cooked with spices chicken will be dry. The taste of the vegetables will give an individual gusto, and the composition of the fragrances will awaken the appetite. The excellent properties of meat will provide the vegetable filling. Very tasty to cook meat with fried onions, which adds sweetness. There are plenty of interesting and unusual recipes that anyone can choose for themselves, it all depends on taste preferences.

Important points

Order delicious fried chicken, you should abide by the rule: for cooking it is best to use only fresh chilled carcass. Frozen meat will not give the desired properties. Lemon, pomegranate, pineapple juice adds tenderness to the meat. Need to cook at a temperature of 150-180oC. If frying is carried out in the pan, then the full power of the burner to fry each side until Golden brown.

Delicious tender chicken, made with special love will remember any gourmet. It is important to know the taste preferences, to properly use the ingredients.

Advice 4: How to fry potatoes with meat

From the flavorful fried potatoes with meat will not be able, probably none to give up. This dish is prepared very simply, and it is hearty and versatile, so it has many admirers.
How to fry potatoes with meat
You will need
    • Potatoes;
    • meat;
    • carrots;
    • bow;
    • spices;
    • vegetable oil.
Cook the meat. It can be cut into pieces.
How to grill <b>potato</b> <strong>meat</strong>
Put the meat in the frying pan. Cover.
Peel onions, carrots, then grate vegetables on a grater and put it in the pan.
How to grill <b>potato</b> <strong>meat</strong>
Toss the vegetables with the meat. Put the spices to taste. Let it all stew for 40 min.
Pre-washed potatoes cut into slices or cubes. Put in the frying pan to the meat and mix everything carefully. Cover tightly with a lid.
Cook for another 20 minutes Then serve.
First you need to roast meat as it takes more time to prepare.
Useful advice
Don't forget to mix the contents of the pan, to potatoes not burnt and did not stick to the pan.

Advice 5: How to grill ribs

You are already on the threshold, and you have not finished the appetizer? Offer to cook a very delicious meat dish – grilled pork ribs. Delicious ribs, cooked over the coals in the fresh air, but if you summed up the weather, try to cook at home in a normal pan. The meat is very tender and soft due to the marinating in yogurt or cream with spices. Guests will be delighted and will ask for the recipe.
Very tasty and appetizing!
You will need
    • 1 kg of pork ribs
    • 3 large onions,
    • 1 Cup natural yoghurt (you can substitute cream),
    • vegetable oil,
    • salt
    • pepper
    • spices for meat,
    • 1 Cup of dry red wine.
Take pork ribs, washed and cut into portions. Add salt, pepper and spices for meat (oregano, Basil, thyme - optional).
How to grill <strong>movado</strong>
Add natural yogurt (without dyes), give everything a good stir and leave to marinate for 1-2 hours at room temperature.
At this time you need to peel onions and cut into half rings. Fry in a pan with vegetable oil until Golden brown. Ready to put the onions in a separate bowl.
In the same pan add a little vegetable oil and lay pork ribs. Fry on high heat until Golden brown. Periodically turn over with a spatula.
When the ribs are almost ready, add fried onions, natural yoghurt and pour a glass of dry red wine. All this fry over high heat, cover to cover is not necessary. After 15-20 minutes the sauce should evaporate a little and thicken.
Barbecued ribs are ready, they can bring to the table (preferably hot). To garnish perfect mashed potatoes. And you can use ribs as an appetizer for beer.
When frying the ribs periodically to drain excess fat.
Useful advice
Roasting of ribs and meat is best to choose a heavy-bottomed pot (roaster, baking dish or cauldron).
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