Mechanical scales-crane scales. First, check the spring on which is hung the load. Very often, the failure lies in the failure of this part, and then the spring needs to be replaced. Spring may peretiraetsya and just pop out of the slots of the device. In the latter case, Unscrew the enclosure, insert the spring in place and ready! The steelyard is also electronic. In this case, replace the battery, and if that does not work, the device is best to take to the workshop for diagnostics – you could disrupt it too heavily.
Electronic floor scales. First check the battery. В0озможно, all repairs will be limited to their replacement. The reason may also be in a loose connection of the ribbon cable that connects the cost scales with the display. This issue may resolve on their own. To do this, remove the body weights. Take a small piece of wood and insert it between the bottom case and Board. So you slightly raise your cost and tighter squeeze her to the scale display.
From outdoor electronic scales also have special contacts. When weighing the weight of the body press on the cover of the balance, which is slightly lowered, and contacts tightly in contact with the special "legs" of the balance. The metal contacts from the frequent use can thin, the contacts will no longer be closed, and the scales will give an error. Replace contacts using relays of appropriate size, and then solder them to the regular wire. If damage was the same, after this simple operation scales earn as good as new.