Advice 1: How to drink tea with ginger

Ginger tea can be very different in taste and composition, depending on the selected ingredients and method of preparation. But his essential difference from the classic black tea taste, but also undeniable benefits.
How to drink tea with ginger
Did you know that people who regularly drink ginger tea, look amazing and have no health problems. First, ginger has a tonic effect. Brewed with tea, it brings clarity of thought and freshness of the face. Second, tea with ginger improves cerebral blood circulation and positively affects memory. People of creative professions and mental work for a long time to replace traditional coffee Cup of ginger tea. Thirdly, if you drink ginger tea half an hour before meals, it improves appetite and is beneficial for digestion. Moreover, he even promotes the excretion of toxins. Fourth, the tea with ginger is effective for colds. Three to four cups of hot tea a day ease the mucus and soothe the cough.
The traditional recipe for this magical tea: steep 1 teaspoon of ginger powder in 1 Cup of boiling water, leave for 20-30 minutes. For taste you can add honey. Eating more than 3-4 times a day this healthful beverage is not recommended.
If you are going to brew tea from fresh ginger root, the recipe will be slightly different: brew 1 tsp of green tea in 500 ml boiling water, leave the mixture for 5 minutes, strain, return to pot and add 2 pods of cardamom (if using), finely chopped 3-4 cm ginger root, a pinch of cinnamon and cloves (optional). Bring to a boil and cook on low heat for 20 minutes. Pour 3-6 tsp floral honey and throw half of a lemon. Leave on the heat for another 5 minutes. Then steep the tea for another 15 minutes. Strain the ginger drink into a Cup and drink.
How to drink tea <strong>ginger</strong>
There are many variations of these recipes. Ginger tea can be brewed with rose hips, and herbs (mint, chamomile) and black and green tea, with dried berries. It can be consumed both cold and hot.
How to drink tea with ginger? Drink it in small SIPS, prolonging the pleasure and inhaling the spicy aroma. Hot is more of a drink for winter, but with ice it's perfect to quench your thirst in the summer heat. Winter ginger tea will warm faster than the warm blanket, and in the summer will refresh and quench your thirst after the first SIPS.
Ginger tea has contraindications. It shows people of all ages and genders, but one should not consume this drink at a high temperature, bleeding, peptic ulcer disease and inflammatory skin conditions. It is undesirable to drink ginger tea before bed – it is very invigorating.

Advice 2 : How to drink ginger tea

Ginger root have long been used as a medicine, spice, tapas, to create essential oils. This plant is very useful and beneficial not only to the human body but also on his emotional state.
How to drink ginger tea
You will need
  • Ginger root or ginger powder. Additional ingredients to taste.
There are several ways of welding ginger tea, respectively, are different ways of drinking.

First, decide what purpose you will drink ginger ale. If you want to use it as medicine, then drink the tea in small doses in 15 minutes after a meal.

Brewed ginger powder easily removes the headache.
To relieve pain in the abdomen brew a tea from grated ginger, elderberry, peppermint and yarrow. Independently adjust the proportions to taste.
Another recipe for relieving upset stomach is ginger in yogurt.

Take a glass of natural yogurt, fill it with half a glass of warm water, add to the mix a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg powder and ginger. Stir and let it brew.
Ginger root is very helpful with indigestion, diarrhea, obesity, but it is not recommended for patients with peptic ulcer or erosion of the duodenum, especially in the period of exacerbation.
Ginger tea is a very sophisticated drink, you can drink it just for enjoyment. In any case, it would be extremely beneficial to your health.
Pour boiling water over a tablespoon of ginger root, tablespoon of honey and a few slices of lemon. In an hour it is possible to consume the drink. Depending on the volume of water will be different "strength" of the drink. If it is too concentrated, use it as a welding, for filling 3/4 Cup boiling water. You can mix ginger ale with the usual loose-leaf tea, giving it a new amazing color. If you like spicy taste, you can drink ginger tea yourself. You may have to drain, so the water was clean, without a slice of ginger or lemon.
If you don't want to peel and grate the root ginger, buy ginger powder in any division with spices. Experiment with flavor by adding black or green tea powder on the tip of a teaspoon. Gradually you recognize your proportion.
Ginger tea to drink in the morning, as it very exciting and empowering. For this reason, it is not necessary to mix the ginger with an herbal sedative infusions: the body is difficult to understand the combination of these opposites.
Keep ginger root in the freezer, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap.
Useful advice
Ginger raises blood pressure and increases body temperature. Be careful when hypertension!
Ginger promotes weight loss. Use it in cooking main dishes or drink ginger drink: it will act as a fat burner.
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