You will need
  • Any dielectric material like wood, cardboard, glass, plywood, and plastics.
  • Drawing tool, a hacksaw.
Make a pyramid of needs, respecting the proportion of the Cheops pyramid. First and foremost, it is necessary to make certain calculations.
Set the required height of the pyramid, for example, a value of L, given that the higher the pyramid, the stronger its activity.
Calculate the length of a side of the base, length of lateral rib and the height of the pedestal in the following formulas, using specific coefficients:- base will be L ? 1,57057 - length side ribs will be L ? 1,4945 - height pedestal L ? 0,3333
It is important to build the pyramid, observing the proportions. Make a thorough calculation before trying to assemble the pyramid.
In the next stage we procure the required material. To build the pyramids are only suitable dielectric materials, such as wood, cardboard, glass, plywood, plastic.
The plotted side of the pyramid in the required life-size, cut out and assemble with glue or dowels.
Begin to build a pyramid you need in a good mood and with positive thoughts.
When building a pyramid you must not use nails, buttons or other metal objects, because metal deforms particular field of the pyramid.
Such a pyramid can be installed at home as it has a beneficial effect on the entire body.
One face of the pyramid should be strictly oriented to the North.
To neutralize the harmful radiation from the computer will place a small pyramid next to the system unit.