Advice 1: How to normalize a child's chair

The disorder of chair is a common problem in children during the first three years of life. Constipation is the most common form of the disorder. However, many parents don't know a child suffers constipation or its status is normal. In the end treatment (or, conversely, inaction) leads to complications.
How to normalize a child's chair
You will need
  • Cereals, dairy products, vegetables, fruit, water, lemon, honey, compound exercises, laxatives, herbal teas, choleretic teas
Change the diet of the child. From the diet should exclude potatoes, flour, sweets. Meat food also it is better to remove or to limit.
Feed your baby cereal, vegetables, fruits. The menu must be present dairy products, dried fruits, bran and nuts.
30 minutes before the first Breakfast give your baby a glass of warm water with added lemon juice and honey. When the chair returns to normal, the honey can be removed, but water with lemon should be drunk in the morning constantly. In addition, the amount of water consumed per day must be increased.
To normalize at the baby chair, you can use vegetable or castor oil. Pour a glass of milk, add one teaspoon of castor oil and allow to drink to the kid. The oil has an unpleasant taste, the child can feel it and to refuse such medication, then you should buy in a drugstore castor oil in capsule and apply it in accordance with the instructions on the liner. Good help decoction of purgative herbs, light cholagogue in the form of tea. Chair diluted as a result of active secretion of bile.
If the child has chronic constipation (stool less than three times a week, incomplete evacuation of bowel), parents should take measures to increase his physical activity. Proper nutrition and adequate physical activity is a guarantee that soon the child will cease to suffer constipation.
Offer the child a set of exercises. Since the problem of constipation in adults and older children is almost the same, what you suggest exercise, does not matter. Constipation effective abdominal exercises, bending, bridge, twisting. It is useful to stick out and stomach in. In addition, you must teach the child every day to squat. Performing this exercise, the knees should be pressed against the lateral surfaces of the abdomen.

Advice 2 : Problems with the bowel in children: solution

Bowel movements occur in all different ways. Ideally, this process should occur at least once a day. In children often there are problems with the chair when going to the toilet is delayed for two days or more. To correct the situation will help access to a doctor and appropriate diet.
Problems with the bowel in children: solution

Immediately consult a doctor if constipation in a child exceeds three days and is accompanied by vomiting with a persistent smell stool, bloating, raising body temperature, pain in the navel area and General malaise. These symptoms may indicate a bowel obstruction. If you suspect such a diagnosis, the child should be urgently hospitalized and operated on. A late diagnosis may lead to perforation of the intestine (appearance of through-holes) and severe inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity.

Sometimes rare chair can be caused by a weak intestinal peristalsis. In any case, notify your pediatrician that your child has problems with the chair. An experienced specialist will help you choose a diet and prescribe some medications and procedures.

Without a prescription in pharmacy you can buy product "Duphalac". It includes lactulose, splitting the contents of the intestine and softening the stool output. "Duphalac" has a pleasant smell and taste of sweet syrup, which is especially popular with the children. This drug can be used for children up to years of age. Normalization of stool occurs within the first week of taking the drug, but treatment should continue for at least a month to complete the regulation of physiological processes. "Duphalac" take once daily (preferably at night) in accordance with the age dose. With prolonged use of high doses can cause diarrhea. Absolute contraindications for taking this medicine are: lactose intolerance, rectal bleeding and intestinal obstruction.

In addition to the "Duphalac" enveloping effect give drugs "Lactusan", "Prelex and ordinary mineral oil. One or two tablespoons of oil 2 hours after meals prevent the accumulation and hardening of feces and promote its excretion in a natural way.

Rapid effect in resolving problems with a chair has enema. For example, the set mikroklizm "Microlax" applies even at an early age. One enema is administered into the rectum up to the middle of the tip and squeeze the contents. Laxative effect occurs within 5-15 minutes. If you trust folk remedies, you can make a warm enema with chamomile. Buy in a pharmacy bag of optimal size, brew a chamomile at the rate of 4 tbsp (or 6-8 bags) per liter of boiling water. Let cool to room temperature and start the enema, the tip brushing the pears with the vegetable oil. The baby should lie on right side with knees bent. Podstolice diaper in advance.

Diversify the child's diet of prunes, beets and apples. Vegetable soups and light chicken broths also have a positive effect on the stomach and intestines. For normalization of stool, the child needs to drink at least 1.5 liters of plain water. To carry out this provision, teach your child to drink a glass of filtered or mineral water without gas for 15 minutes before a meal. Ditch the soda, chips and fast food. Better to let the child bites, fresh carrots and drink prepared fruit drinks and herbal teas. By the way, if to speak about tea, the most useful for constipation Kuril tea. One teaspoon is poured 200 ml of boiling water and infused for 10-15 minutes. Be aware that this tea lowers blood pressure, and therefore contraindicated in hypotensive patients. To get involved Kuril tea is not necessary - the recommended dose is half a Cup 2 times a day.

Long sitting at the place only adds to stagnant processes in the intestine, so encourage your child to mobile life: running, jumping, walking long distances. Before going to bed can give the baby a belly massage - kneading motion with your fingers clockwise around the navel. This massage reduces gas and improves intestinal peristalsis.

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