You will need
  • Cereals, dairy products, vegetables, fruit, water, lemon, honey, compound exercises, laxatives, herbal teas, choleretic teas
Change the diet of the child. From the diet should exclude potatoes, flour, sweets. Meat food also it is better to remove or to limit.
Feed your baby cereal, vegetables, fruits. The menu must be present dairy products, dried fruits, bran and nuts.
30 minutes before the first Breakfast give your baby a glass of warm water with added lemon juice and honey. When the chair returns to normal, the honey can be removed, but water with lemon should be drunk in the morning constantly. In addition, the amount of water consumed per day must be increased.
To normalize at the baby chair, you can use vegetable or castor oil. Pour a glass of milk, add one teaspoon of castor oil and allow to drink to the kid. The oil has an unpleasant taste, the child can feel it and to refuse such medication, then you should buy in a drugstore castor oil in capsule and apply it in accordance with the instructions on the liner. Good help decoction of purgative herbs, light cholagogue in the form of tea. Chair diluted as a result of active secretion of bile.
If the child has chronic constipation (stool less than three times a week, incomplete evacuation of bowel), parents should take measures to increase his physical activity. Proper nutrition and adequate physical activity is a guarantee that soon the child will cease to suffer constipation.
Offer the child a set of exercises. Since the problem of constipation in adults and older children is almost the same, what you suggest exercise, does not matter. Constipation effective abdominal exercises, bending, bridge, twisting. It is useful to stick out and stomach in. In addition, you must teach the child every day to squat. Performing this exercise, the knees should be pressed against the lateral surfaces of the abdomen.