Advice 1: How to update the fridge

According to numerous studies, it became clear that old refrigerators consume several times more electricity than modern and functional analogues. It is therefore necessary to take care of the update. The choice of refrigerator should be approached very seriously.
How to update the fridge
Currently available on the market refrigerators to suit every taste. Each buyer can choose the appropriate one. However, when many people are afraid to make a mistake and overpay for unnecessary functions.
Before you go shopping for a new refrigerator, be sure to determine your needs. The fact that what the man needs, in fully depends on the cost of the refrigerator. After that, Refine your financial capabilities.
When choosing must take into account the main criteria. The main ones are: the possibility of installing a refrigerator in the apartment or house, functional characteristics, reliability and durability, price and economy of operation, convenience and beauty. The significance of all these indicators can change according to your preferences.
Pay special attention to the dimensions. Quite often there are situations when the refrigerator is not included in the room. There may also be problems with delivery. The dimensions of the refrigerator should be slightly smaller than the size of the aperture in the Elevator, entrance and interior doors.
Currently, the most common are dishes with an area of about 6 square meters. For this space, choose a refrigerator, the width and depth of which corresponds to the standardized size for many of the range kitchen equipment - 60x60 centimeters. If you have a kitchen with an area less than 6 square meters, choose a refrigerator with a minimum width of 45-50 centimeters. Most often, the depth of the refrigerator longer than 60 centimeters. Please note that the end of the enclosure will be located in line with the rest of the kitchen equipment, and the door will be in front of table, stove and sink.
The height of the refrigerator must be selected in accordance with the preferences of all family members. It is best to buy refrigeratorswith a height of 2 meters.

Advice 2: How to update an old refrigerator

The old refrigerator in the home can be covered with tape or paint. Which colors you select depends on your taste and interior in which the refrigerator will stand. You can do the old units accent spot on your kitchen or camouflage, choosing colors in the color of the Wallpaper or kitchen fronts.
How to update an old refrigerator
You will need
  • - adhesive tape;
  • - scissors;
  • roulette;
  • soft cloth;
  • - enamel;
  • - white spirit;
  • film p/E.
Decorate the refrigerator with a self-adhesive film. The choice of material in the store please note that the film is sold in rolls of different widths. So, make measurements of your fridgeand to reduce cash expenditures, reduce the waste of the film and not to do joints on visible locations.
Remove from refrigeratorand all the stickers, Unscrew the handle. Wash surface with sponge and detergent.
Cut parts from the adhesive on the removed size, putting them on a paper lined the back side. Don't forget to make allowances for bending the film so that it was possible to tuck under the gasket on the door.
Raspleskajte water from a flower spray to the place that you want to paste. Separate the film from the paper layer and apply adhesive to the refrigerator, do not forget to leave allowances.
Gradually unroll the film on the surface. Smooth soft cloth, making the movement of "Christmas tree" from the middle to the edges. Expel the air and drops of water. Casual bubble pierce with a needle and smooth cloth.
Fold the allowances. In the corners of the adhesive make cuts. Slide the gasket and under it to get the edges of the film. Smooth all cloth.
Screw into place the handle of the refrigerator.
Paint the refrigerator. Before starting work, protect surrounding objects from falling paint. To do this, tighten them with plastic wrap or cover with newspaper, securing them with tape.
Remove from the fridgeand a pen or leave her so she merged with the color of the entire painted surface.
Pick up in store enamel of a suitable color. To work is also suitable to spray paint that can be used for metal surfaces.
Wipe refrigerator with white spirit. If the surface of the refrigeratorand there are areas with rust, posturite their fine-grained sandpaper. Then a coat of automotive putty and let dry. Again grind.
Evenly spray the spray paint over the entire surface of the refrigerator. Let it dry thoroughly and put the updated Assembly in place.
Useful advice
Refrigerator you can update contemporary decorative stickers.
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