There are two methods of treatment homeopathic remedies – comprehensive and individual. Complex method – a method of treatment of complex homeopathic preparations, which are sold in ordinary pharmacy and is intended for treatment of a particular disease. To them is given the instruction for use, which can be found. As a rule, it is a common diseases such as headache, gastritis, menopause, allergies, etc. This drug may appoint a doctor himself the patient.
Individual treatment takes place strictly under the constant supervision of a doctor, homeopath, which before prescribe treatment, diagnosis makes all of the body's systems, identify the cause of the failure in the body and picks up a homeopathic remedy specifically for the patient.
Homeopathic drugs are taken in very small doses, 1 small speck diluted in 30-50 ml of purified water and not take more than 1 teaspoon. Homeopathy, as a rule, courses do not drink daily. The homeopath observes the patient's condition and prescribes medication depending on the drug's actions and the patient's condition. Along with homeopathic remedies many doctors are homeopaths use methods of cleaning the body for rapid purification of toxins. Before starting treatment with homeopathy, you need to be clear about the duration and severity of the treatment.
Homeopathy treatment is a long process that requires patience and the doctor and the patient. To take homeopathic medicines should be strictly under medical supervision then the treatment will give excellent results and complete recovery.