Asthenic syndrome is often confused with physical fatigue and don't pay must attention that leads to future disastrous consequences. Even after sleep to regain your strength fails. Eventually, the body depletes its reserves and the person becomes ill.

There is another group of astenikov, they are well aware of the importance of the disease, but do not want to resort to traditional pharmacology and looking for homeopathic remedies, because content of active substances is much lower than the standard drugs. In addition, note that some manufacturers under homeopathic remedies offer phytotherapeutic preparations containing high-dose active ingredients in combination with highly diluted the accompanying components.

Range of pharmacies

Asthenia often there is emotional instability, mood swings, tearfulness, anxiety and poor sleep. What are homeopathic remedies may recommend the pharmacist:

"TenTen" can help to manage anxiety and anxiety.

"Climaxed" - indicated for use by women with hormonal changes in the body during menopause. As analogues can be Klimadinon and Klimaktoplan".

"Valeriana-Hel", EDAS-306 – a natural medicine based on plants that have a sedative effect. Intended for normalization of elevated anxiety and irritability. Children with problems in emotional sphere come to the aid of drugs EDAS-111 and "Naughty".

"Ignatius" is a drug assignable after severe traumatic effects that helps speed up the process of adaptation of the nervous system after severe stress. Acute experiences after a divorce, loss of a loved one, other traumatic factor – in all cases, "Ignatius" made a good showing.

"Anti - stress" is also effective, if necessary, to stabilize the nervous system. Shown to men and women exposed to severe emotional stress. Reduces anxiety, allows the body to better cope with adverse factors.

With all the richness of choice in consultation with a doctor

Despite the wide range of products, we should all remember that, first and foremost, fatigue is more a consequence than a cause, so before taking the treatment must be undergone initial examination by a doctor.