You will need
  • pen, paper, my sincere feelings and thoughts
Take a sheet of paper and write. Indeed, in a letter, you can Express what sometimes we are hesitant to say the words. In letters as in a personal interview, properly address by name. In a letter to your loved one, contact better be gentle or playful.
Never complain in the letter. Though say that the paper can endure, really bad mood influence you reading this letter to the man (husband). Write only positive letters! And especially if we are talking about a love letter.
In the correspondence a lot more challenges may occur than in person. For example, something not told in the conversation, and by the reaction of her husband will immediately understand that he said too much. You can quickly translate everything into a joke, and hush up the unpleasant subject.
And in the letter what is written – it is written. Be careful to what to write.
Try to write less about themselves and more to ask the man. Do not write, for example, a treatise about his new hobby of cutting and sewing.
As in "live" communication, the correspondence should always be myself. Write to him about your feelings. Even if you are married not the first year and has passed the honeymoon period, your relationship should always be heated with warm words, gentle eyes, unexpectedly pleasant surprises. What a surprise to take him this time, that was not so obvious?
Write him a love letter!
A love letter as it is possible to write, for example, when you separated, or just for no reason and send it as a surprise. The man will be thrilled when he received this strange message.In letters romantic content, written by hand on paper, the entire soul is exposed. It is a great way to remind my husband on a business trip, so you will not forget and left not looking, and a way to work things out if parted.
Write husband also and emails. If you're at work, tender correspondence warms you both. Put them in your soul.