The definition of excess weight using weights
Libra new generation - the easiest way to determine the percentage of excess weight. Floor scales the new generation determines the percentage of excess fat in the body. Normal in women in the body fat should be between 18 to 25% among males from 12% to 18%. Anything more is unnecessary fat, from which you want to get rid of.
The definition of excess weight on the crease on my stomach.
By measuring a fold of skin on the stomach, you can easily identify the excess weight. In women it should be from 2 to 4cm of men – from 1 to 2 cm If the fold over 5 inches – this is obesity.
Determination of the optimal weight for Brock
A simple method for determining the optimal weight suggested over a hundred years ago the French doctor Paul Broca. His formula for calculating the optimal weight is based on three indicators: height, weight and age of the person. According to Brock, the growth in inches you need to take 110. That is, if your height is 170 cm, your weight should be equal to 60 kilograms. If you are over forty, from the growth you need to take 100, if your height to 166сантиметров. With the height from 166 to 175, you need to take 105 with growth of 176 – 110. You also need to take into account the structure shape. Slim people from the result you can take away another 10%, and those who have a larger bone, you can add 10%.
Determination of body mass index (BMI) of Quetelet
This method is considered the most accurate and helps to determine the degree of obesity and the fat reserves in the body.
BMI is a ratio of body weight in kilograms to the square of the height in meters.
The body mass index is calculated by the following formula:
BMI = body weight: (height X height). Body weight is measured in kilograms, height in meters.
Calculations occur as follows: height in meters squared. Weight in kilograms is divided by the obtained value growth. On the figure you can judge the weight.
Example of BMI calculation:
Height – 165cm
Weight – 60кгИМТ = 60: (a 1.65 X 1.65) = 22
BMI = 22. This is a normal weight.