Try to experience more positive emotions, rejoice all, because happiness has many wonderful moments in life that you just pay attention. In the recovery period of the nerve cells don't limit yourself in anything, especially as it raises a smile. Also eat well, not to sit on hunger diets, they just shake the psyche and make a person aggressive.
Take a vacation and get some shut-eye. Sleep disturbances, take tablets or tincture sedative plants, in extreme cases, medications. If possible, take a trip to the sea, it not only relaxes, but also revitalizes the whole body. Sunbathe, and simply relax on the Golden sand.
Have sex with someone you love. During lovemaking goes into the body happiness hormone, which is involved in the regeneration of nerve cells. The more positive emotions in life, the faster you will regenerate your nervous system.
Alcohol relieves nervous tension, and Vice versa. So don't try to calm down with a glass of whiskey or brandy, the maximum that you can afford - a glass of good red wine. But other kinds of drinks should be excluded, especially if you are taking sedatives not of plant origin.
If you are serious, go to a psychiatrist. You will prescribe a course of treatment, after a full examination. Sometimes nervous breakdowns to cure by conventional means does not work, so don't wait too long, only a doctor can help cure this disease. In milder cases, it helps all of the above in just one month, man if born again, and feeling extremely relaxed and confident.