You will need
    • pork meat (1 kg);
    • carrot (2 pieces);
    • onions (2 pieces);
    • soy sauce (4 tbsp.);
    • liquid honey (1 tbsp);
    • garlic (2 cloves);
    • potatoes (5 pieces);
    • p/e package.
    • sleeve.
Rinse the piece of pork with cold water. Dry it with a napkin or paper towel.
Make a marinade. Mix in a bowl the soy sauce with honey. If honey is thick and poorly mixed, then gently reheat it in the microwave or on a gas hob. Peel a couple of cloves of garlic from the skins and push through the press to the marinade. The whole mass mix well.
Cut into long wedges washed and peeled carrots.
Make the piece of meat punctures thin knife blade. To puncture it easy to insert sticks of carrot, do it crosswise. Lard pork.
Put the meat in p/e package. Pour cooked marinade. Of pack release the air and tie tightly. Now chat the pork in the marinade so it is evenly distributed on all sides of the piece. Place the bag with pork in a bowl and leave to marinate in the fridge. The marinating time from 20 minutes to days according to your desire.
Peel the potatoes skin-on. Cut into slices. In this dish you can use whole small new potatoes. It is enough to wash under the tap with a brush to remove the remains of the earth. The skin scrape is not necessary.
Onions cut into rings and separate them individually.
Prepare a sleeve. Cut the required length from the roll. Zadejte clip with one hand.
Cross a piece of pork with the marinade from the package into the sleeve. Let's pack the meat evenly with onion rings. Add the potatoes. Fasten the second end of the sleeve clasp. Place on a baking sheet and place in oven for 1 hour.
Remove the dish from the oven. Make several punctures with a knife on top of the sleeve and again put in the oven for 15 minutes.
Put the finished dish in a large flat dish and sprinkle with fresh herbs.