Advice 1: How to make a mask of a frog

No children's party is not complete without the costume presentation. Magic dressing-transformation love the kids. Really, just ran just the boy Peter, but he was a naughty little frog, who asks to let him into the tower-chamber.
How to make a mask of a frog
Look for old children's books or magazines funny frog face. Sisuite image frog faces on a sheet of thick paper the size of your child. Give extra attention to eyes and mouth. The eyes should be placed at the location of your child's eyes and mouth draw a large and smiling. Future paint the mask green.
Apply the mask on a sheet of thin cardboard. Trim it to the outline and cut out the eyes. Create eyelashes out of paper. Cut out a large smiling mouth.
The sides of the faces to glue on a small piece of tape and punch holes with an awl. Attach to the holes in the lace or elastic according to the size of baby's head. That's all. Now your child is the most adorable frog!
Useful advice
In the same way you can make a mask of the Princess Frog. The expression of this mask should be more serious. From the top of the head of a frog draw the crown, and to the mask in the back to attach a small train of tulle;

Besides playing a small role, the child is to learn to see the world from another point of view. Learning by heart the words and verses, he develops his memory and speech. Not every kid can get on stage before hundreds of their peers and parents. And wearing a mask, he ceases to be embarrassed, to overcome your fear and confusion;

All transformation is achieved a simple fabrication and recognizable costume masks. It is not necessary to buy an expensive suit in the store, especially since it's not the last role your child.

Advice 2: How to make a paper mask

If you want to make a beautiful and simple in design the mask for a festive masquerade or school (University) of the play, try to make a mask from paper using the technique of papier-mache. And this mask will be perfect to sit on your face. Now we will tell you how to make a mask out of paper.
Look how beautiful and realistic the mask turned out
Nutrilite the newspaper into small pieces of two types: one clean from the fields of Newspapers, and other letters, then to avoid confusion. Prepare glue (not smelly and not fragile after curing). Forth as needed collect the hair to keep it out of the face, smear the face with vaseline and sit in front of a mirror.
Soak the first layer of scraps with letters (of course, without glue) and priglasite on the face. Then sculpt a layer of clean scraps already in the glue. Next comes the layer with the letters on the glue, then clean and so on to the required thickness. The first layer should be more than others that on the face do not hit the adhesive with the remaining layers of newspaper scraps. Don't worry about the shape of the mask. After all, the extra you then cut.
Allow the mask to dry, remove it from the face and leave to dry overnight. The next morning check to see if the hardened mask. If Yes, attach it to the face and mark with a pencil or pen her place of cutouts for eyes and, if necessary, for the mouth. Now cut with scissors from the mask without the cutouts for the eyes and mouth make a sharp hobby knife. Don't forget after that to hang the mask around the edges with pieces of paper that the edges are not messed up and that pricked the skin.
Cut from a beautiful thick fabric (e.g., velvet) piece sizes with your mask with a small allowance around the perimeter. Start slowly to glue the velvet to the "face" of the mask. Once done with that, glue sticking the tissue to the inner side of the mask and carefully cut tissue of the eye socket and mouth.
Spread glue on the inside of the mask just before reaching the brim. Now glue the mask cloth and from the inside. Then decorate the "face" of your mask with rhinestones, pieces of silvery fabrics, laces and other things. If on velvet stood out the glue, remove it with a damp cloth. Buy or search at home any rubber band (preferably a transparent elastic-strap for dresses or bras) and attach it to the mask at the sides. That's all.
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