Try the low cost to fill this gap. The key word here is space. The screen is white. So to start, carefully look around, whether in your apartment unused white surfaces are at a comfortable height. For example, a white door, cupboard or refrigerator. Or free space on a white or light colored wall.
It would be interesting to try to use for projection the ceiling. But for ease of use of this projection surface you have to distribute the bags on the floor, to change their position from vertical to horizontal, and a projector to hold directly in their hands.
Another way to make the screen for the projector itself - is to look at things that habitually surround you with an unusual point of view. It is important for you to see which of them are fraught with hidden potential to turn into a screen. Very easy to use as a screen for the projector, an ordinary large wall calendar turned to the audience with the white side. Also suitable unused white shelf that can be removed from the Cabinet and put the screen quality on the stool, allocative on the wall. Its smooth surface will allow you to clearly see the image on this makeshift screen. A few lower quality to projection on white curtain or Roman shade. About the blinds not to mention, unless you want to see everything striped.
It is possible that you will not do any of the above ways to make a screen for the projector with minimal cost because you need a special screen for presentations. It can be both stationary and mobile that users can bring anywhere you want. In this case, you can buy it.