You will need
  • Plates of steel or brass rod of the drum, hacksaw, wood saw, file, fasteners
The trigger mechanism of the crossbow is very simple, which is key to the reliability of the device. The purpose of the trigger mechanismand to make the descent of the string smooth and easy.
Bed crossbow sawed into two pieces to place between the parts of the trigger mechanism. Of steel or brass cut out two plates. Plates should be uniform in size. Form of does not really matter, as long as they fulfilled their function.
Fabricate the drum. It will keep the bowstring, and the drum is held by the ledge of the trigger. When you press the trigger the drum is released from the barrier and begins to rotate. The string comes off the drum, the arrow goes into the target.
After you fire a shot, pull the string back to its original place, the drum engages the lug for the string and is rotated to its original position. Triggered spring-loaded trigger, he gets into the groove of the drum. Now the drum is rigidly fixed and does not rotate. The string is put on the tabs drums, crossbow ready for another shot.