Advice 1: How to make a crossbow drawing

Interest in medieval culture is forced to remember not only the old costumes and books. Many revived old technology to make exact replicas of household items and weapons. Along with historic swords and bows was revived and a crossbow. Shooting from it became an independent sport. Some types of crossbowand applied as a hunting weapon.
How to make a crossbow drawing
You will need
  • Board;
  • - carpenter tool;
  • - hemp rope;
  • - feathers:
  • leather;
  • - iron wire.
A crossbow consists of three parts. This is the box, bow and trigger mechanism, he's castle. Manufacturer of crossbowand the most ancient of the construction, start with arc. It depend on the settings of the other parts. Select the Board. Arc fit ash, yew, hazel, Rowan. Conifers are not suitable. The Board should be dried well and survive. On should not svilevatosti, ROE and knots. Cut a piece with a length of 70-80 cm, a width of 3-4 cm and a thickness of about 2 cm Treat her plane so that the arc was uniformly refined to the ends to a width of 1-1,5 see
Fabricate the box. It is made of hardwood having sufficient hardness. It can be maple, birch, beech and even oak. Keep in mind that the crossbow when firing is not pressed against the shoulder and had no butt. So make the bed in the form of boards, which is comfortable to hold in hands. In the front part of the bed, make a groove into which should enter the Central part of the arc.
At a distance of 8-10 cm from the groove make a hole for rope attachment of the arc. Temporarily fasten with a rope the arc in the groove, wrapped a rope around the arc and threading it into the hole of the bed. Attach the ends of the souls of the string. For this purpose, it is necessary to make small notches with a knife. Pull the bowstring as you pull it during the shooting (as far as allows you your strength and the strength of the arc). Make a mark on the box in the place where in this moment is drawn bowstring. Remove the arc from the couch, and continue its processing. From the mark of a bowstring back for a distance equal to the length of your forearm. Saw off the workpiece.
Make trigger mechanism. In this design you can apply the ancient castle of the so-called pin type. Drill a through hole in the bed on the place marks of the bowstring. In the upper part of the bed, make a cross indentation on the depth of the stringer. In the lower part of the hook lever of the hinge according to the drawing. The axis of the lever can also be made of wood and fixed by passing through it two pieces of wire. Insert the axle in the bed, thereby securing the lever. Fix it, pierced on two sides by pieces of wire. The holes for the wire, you can drill or burn. The latter method is more in line with historical technologies. A small protruding wire ends wrap around the axle.
Put together the box and the lever. Lock them in this position with a clamp or rope and, using the existing hole in the bed, drill out the lever blind recess to a depth of 1.5-2 cm, Remove the clamp. Check how loose the lever on the axis. The friction should be minimal.
From oak or beech with a knife cut round the pin so that the diameter it was slightly smaller than the lock opening. The pin should be free, frictionless and hooks, to enter into the hole, relying on the trigger. Pin length should be such that at full lift lever top edge is flush with or slightly above the top plane of the bed. The function of the pin is to push the bow out of the groove.
Fabricate chute for a bolt (arrow). Penetrate it from the front edge of the bed to the top of the lock opening. Depth of gutter should not exceed a quarter of the diameter of the bolt.
Perform a final processing of wooden parts. Abrade them using sandpaper. They can be lacquer coating of albumin (egg white diluted in water) or to wax.
With a rope to secure the arch on a bed. Check the correct operation of the lock. Pushing the lever up pin must be confident to push on a string.
Crossbow medieval technology were made without a measuring tool. The master did it on the physical parameters of a particular arrow.
Useful advice
To the lever spontaneously fell down down, you can make a loop in the leather belt. It will fix the lever in a horizontal position.

Bolts (arrow) for the crossbow made from any species of wood. The tail can be made feathers, pieces of skin. In some cases it does not. Bolt length should be such that in the cocked position with the feathered end was at the level of the locking edge of the gutter, and cap-weighting began behind the front edge of the bed, as it has a larger diameter than the rest. The design of a tip can be any, depending on the purpose of the arrows.

Advice 2: How to make the trigger mechanism of the crossbow

The crossbow is a missile weapon in which the projectile is used arrow. Invented crossbow was many centuries ago. Since then his form has changed, weapons have become more modern. However, the principle of operation and design of the crossbow remained the same. The most important subsystem is the crossbow trigger mechanism. From its simplicity and reliability depends on the quality of the shooting.
How to make the trigger mechanism of the crossbow
You will need
  • Plates of steel or brass rod of the drum, hacksaw, wood saw, file, fasteners
The trigger mechanism of the crossbow is very simple, which is key to the reliability of the device. The purpose of the trigger mechanismand to make the descent of the string smooth and easy.
Bed crossbow sawed into two pieces to place between the parts of the trigger mechanism. Of steel or brass cut out two plates. Plates should be uniform in size. Form of does not really matter, as long as they fulfilled their function.
Fabricate the drum. It will keep the bowstring, and the drum is held by the ledge of the trigger. When you press the trigger the drum is released from the barrier and begins to rotate. The string comes off the drum, the arrow goes into the target.
After you fire a shot, pull the string back to its original place, the drum engages the lug for the string and is rotated to its original position. Triggered spring-loaded trigger, he gets into the groove of the drum. Now the drum is rigidly fixed and does not rotate. The string is put on the tabs drums, crossbow ready for another shot.

Advice 3: How to make a bowstring for the bow

To shoot from onions to please everyone who ever try your hand at this very exciting sport. Quite exciting is the manufacturer of the bow with their hands. For this it is necessary to know some features of the craft.
How to make a bowstring for the bow
You will need
  • -artificial filament;
  • -plate;
  • -the onion.
Making a bow, keep in mind that it is made not from a single cord, and from multiple threads. As such a material, prepare thread, made of artificial fibers. It is important that they were a strong small silk, Dacron, nylon. You can do the string and of the usual cord for fishing, which is sold in coils. Most importantly, the thread was sturdy and did not fray. Not particularly important as far as the thread will be thick. Depending on its thickness you will process to vary the number of turns.
To make a quality bow string for a bow, you must approach this task with all responsibility. First prepare improvised a device for winding string. It may be an ordinary plate with several pins at a sufficient distance. Also for this class will fit and stool, you need to turn up the legs and wound them into threads. See how many turns you need. The ends of the thread after winding need to tie a reliable knot.
In the place where the bow will be worn on the bow, make a special winding for protection. This must be done in order for the string was not erased. The winding must be wound on both sides of the stringer. Note that when wrapping the side where there is a knot on the string, you have to hide it.
Then out of the string make a loop to put the string back on the bow. The loop is necessary to rewind tight at the base. Around the middle of the string also make a coil 15 cm this will be the place in the process of shooting fall fingers. You can also make a special thickening in the middle: it will be easier to hold the arrow.
Now the string is ready. Carefully secure it not a reason Luke. Experts advise to do multiple instances of this string, so that in case of damage it can be quickly replaced.

Advice 4: How to make a crossbow out of paper

Sometimes in order to do something with their hands, requires much time, materials and effort. But there is a simple way to entertain your restless child and taking it for a while. For example, teach him how to make a crossbow out of paper.
How to make a crossbow out of paper

What you will need for making a crossbow

For making a paper crossbow you will need:
- 10 sheets of A4 paper;
- Scotch;
- Popsicle sticks;
- scissors;
- thick strong thread.

First, you need to make the body of the crossbow, which consists of:
- the upper arms;
- the main part, which is called a bed;
- the trigger mechanism.

Below you will learn how to make a crossbow out of paper with their hands. If you want to see this process clearly, after reading the instructions, watch the video about the making of this DIY.

Step one: make shoulders

Take four sheets of paper, fold them in half on the long side and cut along this fold. Now take one half, consisting of four cut sheets. Very carefully twist them into a tube around the pencil and secure with tape so he couldn't unwind. It is best if you first wound the tape to the middle and then the edges.

Take the remaining part of the cut paper again and twist the tube. To make it easier to do this, put the pencil away from the edge, fold the paper around the pencil and leave a bit of paper, so you can put it under the pencil. Start to twist tight and even a tube.

Next, measure four inches from Popsicle sticks and on the tubes. Now insert the wand in the tube to the mark and break off the rest of the mark. Now take two more sticks and insert in the tube with the other hand perpendicular to the sticks already inserted. Then wrap with tape the paper tube so that they are unable to break or unwind. This will also give them progenitor, so that your arrows will fly. Then bend the tube at the level of four centimeters.

Step two: master bed

You'll need five sheets of A4 paper. They need to twist the short side. So it was easier to make, again, use a pencil. Then secure the edge of the duct tape.

Now connect the shoulders and the bed. For this purpose one end of the large tube should be more flat. Then take a bent tube and attach to preplanetary the end. It is best to take one and hold them together with tape so nothing collapsed. Do not spare the tape in this place, as it is the moving part of the crossbow.
You want the thread is not hung, but rather was drawn to the shoulders of the crossbow to each other.

Pull the string, to do this, tie one end of thread to one arm of the crossbow, then Express the length from one end to the other plus two inches and attach to the second shoulder. Thus you now have a mask crossbow.

Step three: make the trigger mechanism

Pull the string down, so it formed a square, and mark this spot with a pencil. Then with a paper knife or other sharp object penetrate through a small hole is marked. It is necessary that the lower side of the slot was a little larger than the top, so the trigger had a stroke.
It is worth considering that the use of a crossbow may have a grown up child (student).

The trigger itself is made of little sticks, which insert into the slot, the top should stay a little tip, and the bottom more to you it was convenient to move him. You need to make two small tubes and keep them on top next to the trigger, to be able to insert the arrows. Insert the arrow (pencil) and verify your crossbow. Be careful: just as in archery with a crossbow needs to exercise caution to avoid injury. Before operation be sure to explain the rules for its safe use with your child.

Advice 5: How to make a crossbow

A crossbow is a type of small arms, which operates on the principle of a bow with arrows. To purchase and use a crossbow does not require a special permission and registration. To manufacture such weapons out of wood will not be difficult for experts of carpentry.
Homemade crossbow

Where to start making a crossbow

Before self-production of crossbow should be determined with a device of this type of weapon. Its main elements are: the trigger, the bowstring, bow string, sight, tension mechanism and wooden base, which is called a bed.

Of course, crossbow, hand made, will be very different from factory design. But the principle of operation is similar. To start you will need to make the base of the crossbow. The base is the main element of such weapons. It can be made from such woods as birch or walnut. The thickness of the workpiece must be not less than three inches. After creating a need to draw on it the shape of the ground, and then cut it out.

As for the bow, for its manufacture, you can use the arc from the old sport bow (if you have). For connecting the stock of the crossbow and bow will need to connect the bow to the ground. However, you can use another option. It involves making a metal frame. It will house a bed and bow.

How to make a bowstring

The string should not have a high degree of extensibility. Otherwise, homemade crossbow very quickly cease to perform their functions. So, the best material for bowstrings will be Dacron or fastflight. Wrap the threads previously put between nails. Don't forget to make a loop for putting on string. Pull the string it will not work without stirrups, which in turn can be made from steel wire or rope.

One end of the cable or wire, attach to the base of the crossbow. And at the other end of the lock handle. Also will definitely need to adjust the tension level of the closed string after it is fixed. This can be done directly on the crossbow.

The trigger and arrows

After adjusting the tension of the string, you can go to the manufacture of the trigger. The role of such a mechanism will be a wooden lever, which will require a carefully integrated in the crossbow. Then it is necessary to mount the sighting device. Flies can be used for the mechanical sight.

Arrows for homemade crossbow can be made of ordinary planks of wood, and then planed. If you want the arrows to be durable, it is not necessary to hammer in nails. Otherwise, when the target arrow may break.
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