You will need
  • wire of diameter 2 mm, stainless steel rod with a diameter of 6 to 8 mm (to be used for harpoon), duralumin tube with a diameter of 13 mm (to be used for trunk), two wooden plates for the handle (oak, beech, etc.) and heat-treated, special spring, with corrosion-resistant coating.
Take the dural tube. Cut the two ends of the tube thread. This can be done with the help of special equipment or manually, no difference.
Cut a groove under staple. The length of the groove should be approximately 160 mm. Blow the cover and nadolnik. Drill using a drill in the plug hole to harpoon.
Take the prepared wooden plates for the handle and clamp them in a Vice. Plates can be cut the required size of oak, ash, beech and other hardwoods. Drill in clamped plates the hole for the barrel of the crossbow.
Cut the desired contours to your arm. By making a selection under the trigger mechanism. The depth of this sample should be approximately 3.5 mm. Connect the two halves of the handle on the trunk and fasten with screws.
Manufactured by simple metal working trigger mechanism for a crossbow.
Make a harpoon. To do it should be of stainless steel.
Attach it to the harpoon Lin, which is obliged to slide on him. Lin should rest against the tail, and to operate and amortised through special ftoroplastov ring.

Take a strip of steel and cut out her lessonrating.
Attach lakobashvili with two screws to the stub of the barrel of the crossbow.
Gun ready, it remains only to insert a spear or dart and you can safely go underwater to hunt and wait for a good catch.
Pay attention to what good the crossbow needs to have a convenient reel holder. It is desirable that it was easily removed, and also served as an additional guide for the harpoon, which increases the accuracy of the shot.
Take care and harpoons. Craftsmen produce them yourself, but this kind of articles sin aerodynamic deviations, so few people can make an accurate shot with a homemade harpoon. It makes sense to buy tips for self-made crossbow.