Advice 1: How to repair a stapler

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the stapler for the office worker. Especially when he suddenly breaks down in front of you and a pile of Unfiled pages. In this case, you need to repair the stapler.
How to repair a stapler
You will need
  • - tweezers;
  • - small screwdriver;
  • - pliers with tapered spouts.
Take the stapler with two hands – one for the plastic case, the second – the metal part with braces and pull them in different directions until the body is released. So you will loose field of work.
Remove all staples from stapler. Then you will see how many staples are stuck on the way out and interferes with the operation of the stapler.
Now using tweezers, try to remove a stuck staple. If not, use a small screwdriver. Proceed carefully, do not damage the mechanism, consisting of springs and firing pin. Don't stop until you clear all the staples.
If you have a powerful stapler that is designed for the connection of thick paper, cardboard or photographs, staples are longer. Consequently, it is more difficult to extract. In this case, disconnect the stapler from the body.
Next, carefully remove the spring. Most importantly - make sure it is not lost. Keep in mind that some staplesx when removing the spring it can dramatically rebound.
Armed with a pair of pliers to pull the jammed staples. In any case, do not try to do it yourself, otherwise you can hurt yourself. A powerful staplerx pretty sharp mechanism, so you need to be careful.
If no result, then hit several times with a stapler on a hard surface to loosen the staples on the inside. They may slightly deform, and subsequently, they can easily pull out.
Next, carefully slide the spring into place.
Insert the body. Now your tool is working fine.
Remember, proper use is the key to a long operation. Therefore, do not overload the stapler with staples and use only those that match the model of the stapler.
Useful advice
Most of the problems associated with the operation of the stapler occurs as a result of careless handling. For example, sharp blows to the body, frequent falling on the floor. In most cases, the stapler can be repaired on the job, without the help of the wizard. And only in rare cases, it is better to replace a new one.

Advice 2: How to repair electronic scales

Electronic scales used today for the measurement of body weight and for cooking dishes. The kitchen scale is especially convenient for precise and picky Housewives. But even the smartest electronics tends to break down.
How to repair electronic scales
You will need
  • - Replaceable batteries
  • - Paper towels
  • Bank of canned food
Try changing the batteries in your kitchen scales. Perhaps the cause of the fault that ended the previous charge in the batteries.
Wipe scale with paper towels. To do this, they can even disassemble. However, it is not necessary to do this if you are not sure then able to return the scales to their original state. It is likely that during operation the movement got kitchen scales food particles and it failed. By the way, note that some scales may not show the exact weight, if the dimensions of the weighed product is more than the weights themselves.
Turn on the button calibration. Hold for at least 30 seconds until the scale display does not appear the word "CAL". Then the display will show information about the weight that should be put on the scales for calibration. As a reference weight, you can use a jar of canned food,or other container where exactly the specified weight. After 3-5 seconds the display will show the word "PASS". Remove the resulting weight value and turn off scale , the calibration is finished. If calibration was not successful you will see the message "FAIL".
If the balance is broken immediately after the purchase,according to the Law "On protection of consumer rights" you have the right to exchange the defective merchandise for the same, or return the money.
Useful advice
Get ready to take your Libra to a service center. Professionals will quickly and efficiently deal with the problem.
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