You will need
  • Vise, steel plate thickness of 10 mm, a drill, drill bits, aluminum wire
Of course, there are special tools for production of rivets, which can be purchased in a specialty store. But sometimes it's easier and faster to make the device their own. For this you will need a vise, a metal plate, drill, drill bits, aluminum wire.
Of steel with a thickness of 10 mm cut out two plates with a size of 30x50 mm. wide connect the plate hinge to be folded. To the opposite side of the plate weld at the level of the edges along the entire length of wire with a diameter of 6 mm. It is necessary that the device is kept in the vise during the formation of the rivet head with a hammer.
Clamp the fixture in a vise and the junction of the plates make a hole with a diameter of 4 mm and a depth of 10-15 mm. Take a drill bit with a diameter of 7 mm and rassekaya hole to a depth of 2 mm (conical socket will need to form rivet heads). Device for the manufacture of rivets is actually ready.
Take the aluminum wire 4 mm in diameter, lower it to the bottom of the grooves, clamp the fixture in a vise. Bite pliers wire above the edge of 3-4 mm. the Calculation should be such that a conical countersink can fully filled with aluminum.
Gently tapping with a hammer on the upper end of the wire in different directions, upset it in the hole. So you will generate countersunk head rivets. When sasangasana the recess is filled, release the vise and remove the finished rivet.