You will need
  • 2 computer, the program IPERF
The test speed LAN using IPERF you will need:
• 2 computers (one server, another client) connected to the network and ukazannye IP addresses.
• itself, iperf (Linux, Windows) on each computer, and they should pigouts;
• to test a specific port (TCP or UDP), you must open access on this port.
To increase the precision of measuring the speed of transmission on both computers should:
• Close all programs that forwards data via the network;
• Close all possible programs to provide the required capacity of the processor and memory;
• Set the appropriate permissions in the firewall settings for test ports;
• To document the results.
When all the above done, it is necessary to launch the program. First the backend, then the client. Server run iperf with the following parameters: iperf -s-p 80 ( -s is a computer-server-p 80 indicates that the tested TCP port 80. To test UDP port, you need to action menu flag -u: iperf -s-u-p 80).
On the client computer, start iperf is performed with the following parameters: iperf -c -p 80-t 120 (-C indicates client, is the ip address of the server computer, the-t 120 specifies the testing of drugs for 120 seconds (2 minutes)).
Testing speed on BOS can be accomplished in several ways.
Throw a large file (size from 700Mb and more) through FTP or HTTP and to measure the transmission time of the file, then divide file size in megabytes for the time spent on the transfer (in seconds) and sootvetsvenno to the speed channel megabit per second,
For testing the speed of HP to use special. programs. For example, the program IPERF ( People can learn about it on the Internet.