An interesting solution to give life to your walls – stencils. For example, kitchen walls are suitable vine for baby room – butterflies or cars, in the bathroom - starfish or dolphins. Buy ready-made stencils or make them yourself. Just print out any picture, glue it onto cardboard, and carefully cut out the outline with a utility knife or razor blade. Apply the paint with a sponge or small roller to paint the walls.
Important in the design of the walls using different labels. It can be a quote or saying. Apply the words on the wall using the prepared stencils. You can place the words anywhere: on a door, above the headboard, above the entrance door, etc.
Before applying words or phrases on a wall, consider the size and font. Graffiti can be as short, simple utterances and long, in the form of a recipe in the kitchen.
Walls are an excellent canvas for creativity, even if you don't have outstanding artistic abilities. Using the projector project a photograph or a picture on the wall. Draw the contours with a black marker or pencil. Paint the image with colored inks in accordance with the original or adding additional elements. Good use of wall paints containing pearlescent pigments. Your drawing during the day, will the original "play" when changing lighting. The presence of three-dimensional image on the wall will create a sense of depth to the room.
Boldly embody your fantasies, experiment, trying to fill the boring space on the walls in your home. Give your home a unique look.