You will need
  • Beef or veal - 2 pounds, sheep's tail - 550 grams, onions - 5 pieces, spices - to taste
Meat, half the fat tail, and bow them in a meat grinder. In the easy dish beef knead with your hands for as long as possible until smooth, then cover and knock on the table to beef enriched air, and was magnificent.
How to cook shish kebab on the grill
Next, put in the fridge for 2 hours Then take out the stuffing and carefully strung on skewers in small portions, as if enveloping layer by layer, alternating with thin slices of rump. Skewers need flat. They kicked faster roasts, and sculpt will be better.
How to cook shish kebab on the grill
After each layer is hand dipped in hot (bearable to the hand) water. Fry on hot coals.