The main part of energy drinks is the caffeine content, taurine, melatonin, cartinine, mateine, guarana, vitamin b and other substances. At their expense welayta metabolism, decreases muscle fatigue, eliminates the feeling of hunger, etc. Undoubtedly, violent stimulation of the activity of all body systems – it is harmful energy drinks.
Of course, not many people know about the harm of energy drinks on the human body. This is because it contains substances adversely affect the nervous system, stimulating all the cells of the brain.

So what is the energy drinks, the benefits and harms of which are controversial opinions for a large number of people? In addition, energy – the harm they bring some benefit to the body. They are able to raise the mood and increase mental activity. Energy drinks can contain vitamins and glucose, which, when ingested, can enrich cells of the organs and systems of useful substances necessary for normal functioning.

Undoubtedly, the harm of energy drinks, is in constant use. Maximum daily use is one Bank. Otherwise, sharply increased blood pressure of the body and blood sugar levels. For example, in some countries the drink is for this reason that spread through the pharmacy point as equal to medical drugs.

Typically, the drink itself does not contain any substances for more energy, just in the substance cause the body to produce the same energy – the hidden resources of the human body. As a result of systematic reception of energy the body loses activity, fatigue sets in, depressie, insomnia, etc.

Also the harm of energy drinks lies in the fact that he is a strong enough diuretic. So its use leads to the fact that the body is deprived of a useful liquid. But the abuse of drink leads to tachycardia, nevriye disorders, anxiety, and other disorders of the body.

The largest category of people who regularly consume energy drinks, are students, workers with a large load, drivers, night clubs and parties. This is because requires constant activity, increased tone and vigor. Moreover, attractive advertising encourages to buy a beautiful jar, which can be used to make life rich and colorful.

There are strong contraindications. In any case it is impossible to prevent the consumption of energy drinks to children and pregnant women. Also because of the high caffeine content not recommended for people with diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems. If a person suffers from sleep disorders, the energy will only aggravate the situation.

Very often the habit of daily use of energy drinks at a young age leads teenagers to more potent drinks, stimulating the nervous system and improves short-term mood. Is a direct path to alcohol addiction, which is fraught with other problems and the negative effects to the body.