Advertising encourages drinking energy drinks. Referring to the fact that it is fashionable, stylish, perfectly stimulates, improves mood. People falling for these tricks start to drink these drinks.

Yes, energy, cause anxiety, slight euphoria, beautifully chased a dream. In addition, they provide a long lasting effect. A person who constantly resorts to this drink, can not sleep a few days, however, he is not tired, he has a high performance.

Anyway, all of these positive effects are not worth the risks to the body when consuming this drink. First, it greatly increases the load on the heart. Caffeine, which is present in the composition, increases blood pressure, constricts blood vessels. The body gets used to this dope and refuses to cope with stress and exertion. When the effect of the stimulant ends, the person feels weakness and apathy. That is, the body requires supplements.

Scientists have revealed that energy cause addiction similar to drug or alcohol. People hooked on them, and as a result, the body quickly drained of its own resources.

The harm such a dope and that it rarely present natural elements. Usually it consists of synthetic ingredients. In addition, they are present in very high concentration, which strongly exceeds maximum permissible norm.

Manufacturers write on the cans that in the content there are a variety of vitamins. They, of course, useful, but not with artificial components.

In addition, energy drinks are high in calories, so do not use them to people sitting on a diet.

In some situations, and in small amounts they can drink those who have no chronic diseases. But still you need to treat them with great care.