The composition of energy drinks, good for the body

The composition of energy drinks include: caffeine, taurine, carnitine, ginseng, guarana, b vitamins, matein. Due to its composition, drinking energy drink gives energy and a feeling of vitality. Drinks with a high content of caffeine to help cope with sleepiness, and vitamin-carbohydrate energy boost endurance during exercise.
The drink has a convenient packaging so it can be taken in those situations where you can't drink tea or coffee.

Due to high content of vitamins and glucose, energy drink stimulates the vital processes in the body, gives energy to brain, internal organs and muscles. It is enhanced by the presence in the composition of carbon dioxide and lasts up to four hours.

The negative impact of energy drinks on the body

Medical studies have shown that energy drinks have a negative effect on the human body. If you consume more than two cans of energy a day, this will lead to a significant increase in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, which could trigger the development of serious diseases: diabetes and hypertension.

The vitamins contained in the energy sector, do not form a balanced set. The overabundance of b vitamins can cause tremor of the extremities, frequent palpitations, weakness. Regular use of caffeine causes the depletion forces. An excess of this substance has a diuretic effect, resulting from the body's output of salt in large quantities.
Glucuronolactone and taurine combined with caffeine can greatly Deplete the body's nervous system.

The components of these drinks irritate the stomach wall and can trigger the development of gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Energy can cause worsening of the disease in people with diseases of the nervous system, blood vessels, heart, liver, pancreas. They do not provide energy, but only open the energy channels of the body. As a result the person uses their internal resources, leading to nervous excitement and exhaustion.

Regular consumption of energy ultimately leads to increased fatigue, irritability, insomnia, depression, nervous breakdowns. Thus, the effect of energy drink on the body is largely negative. If you cannot give them up, in any case, you cannot use them daily, otherwise it will lead to exhaustion of the nervous system.