Varicose veins prevents the fight against cellulite. With this diagnosis it is possible to make a limited number of treatments: cold wraps with potato mixture, blue clay. Are also contrast showers, Cycling, walking and swimming pool.

If you exercise, make sure that the legs were wrapped with elastic bandage, you will reduce load on them. While resting keep your legs higher, for example, on the cushion or pillow. Buy ointments and tinctures that contain vascular components and venotonic.

You can't warm your feet, warm negative impact on the already dilated veins, pain is worse. Therefore, in such patients contraindicated treatments to remove cellulite with the use of termocartagena, steam baths and saunas.
You can't go around to the Solarium. Do not massage the feet in those places where the veins are visible, the affected areas will be hurting.

It is not allowed to perform vacuum cupping and massages. It is advisable not to run, jump, lift weights and do martial arts. Harmful weight training at the gym, step aerobics. Only by visiting a doctor, you can choose an acceptable method of getting rid of cellulite without hurting their own health.