Take care to look neat and attractive, before heading to meet on the street. Think, are you satisfied with your appearance, because it is lack of confidence in their appearance often interferes with getting close to people. Today, there are a variety of means to care for skin and body, but many salons, fitness centers, and other institutions allow you to quickly bring its appearance and shape in desired shape. It is also important to choose the right clothes: you should look neat and not too challenging.
Build your confidence to communicate with unfamiliar people. If you find it difficult to explain their thoughts, make a list of specific phrases that you can use while Dating in the street. Practice speaking with different intonation to your speech also made a good impression.
Select the place where you will meet. In addition to city streets, note the parks, squares, promenades, outdoor cafes and other places where you can meet people your age and type of appearance and interests. In addition, if you look closely, you can often see well-dressed guys or girls standing or sitting alone with a bored look. This may indicate that they too think, as to meet on the street, and waiting for them someone will talk. Don't waste your time, choose the right person and approach him.
Not necessarily to start a conversation with words of greeting and asking permission to meet you. Acquaintance on the street suggest the presence of a large number of different options. For example, you can ask what time it is, to ask the young man or woman to hold you in a particular place, to ask, whom or what are they waiting for, where you are going, and careful to offer to keep them company. If the person you met on the street, not in a hurry, he is sure interest will start talking to you.
Try not to think about what you think about the people you approached on the street. Don't be afraid that on you wrong think or even insult. Most people who prefer to get acquainted on the street, already command respect for their courage, and they are happy to go for fellowship. After 1-2 attempts the process will not cause you any difficulties.