The activities of mercenaries, as a rule, is illegal or semi-legal character. Mercenaries do not like, because they earn their bread by the price of blood, mostly foreign. In the Russian legislation there is an article providing for that kind of work prison term of up to 7 years. There are similar articles and the laws of many other countries. However, mercenaries do not become smaller, their services willingly resorted to many modes.

To become a mercenary, you should at least own some popular military profession. Very much appreciated real combat experience. Many mercenaries know each other personally, have links. So easy together with occurrence of another conflict. A man without a reputation, military career and combat experience is usually useless.

However, all the mercenaries start somewhere. The easiest and worst option – just illegal to go to the nearest war. If the beginner will get lucky and it will not hold and will not go to jail, he has a chance to get to the region of hostilities. Then he hoped that he would be able to survive and gain the necessary experience. About earnings in this situation can not speak, good money to such a person no pay. Most likely, you have to fight for food and shelter and well, if you manage to save something for the return journey.

If the mercenary has the military profession and knows English, he has a chance to use the services of one of the foreign offices that recruit people to carry out security services. For example, the American Military Professional Resources Inc., Dyncorp, the British Sandline International. You can offer to work as a security guard in some third world countries, but it is possible that this is just a convenient cover and actually have to participate in one of the local conflicts.

This option can be considered the most successful, as it will be possible not only to acquire experience but also a certain way to prove themselves. Good showing himself, a novice can get another contract. From this moment begins the real career of a mercenary.

You must understand that the mercenaries are, as a rule, do not attract the money they can get, and typical of the "wild geese" lifestyle. Most of them are just uninteresting dull gray lives from paycheck to paycheck, they prefer war on her. Many of them don't have families and don't build any illusions about their future, living the present day. It is unlikely these people is to blame, but it makes no sense they admire. Everyone in this world lives as they can and as he wants.