To create the effect of "smeared" individuals can use different programs, for example MPEG Video Wizard DVD, VirtualDub, Adobe After Effects, Pinnacle, Cyberlink YouCam, Sony Vegas Pro. Of course, each program had its own interface, functions, filters, but the principle of roughly the same. For example, a program Sony Vegas Pro it is possible to imagine a sequence of actions. Open the desired video in the program and create a duplicate of it. To do this, right-click the track and select "Duplicate track" (Duplicate Track). Then you need to define the boundaries and create a face mask. Look on the top bar button in Event Pan/Crop dialog and open the Pan/Crop, select the check box "Mask" (Mask). In the left part of the window Event Pan/Crop to activate the pen and start to create masks. Clicking with the pen on the image, specify the contours of the face. Then "pull" the tangent so that the mask shape to best match the desired shape. When the mask is ready, the header Path select the list Mode and click Positive. Now blur the boundaries of the mask the way you want, so that it is not conspicuous. You can use such controls as "Feather and Feather type. To blur the mask is moved within a frame following the face, you need to select the key frames and set options for the entire duration of the fragment. Use the controller key frames. As a result, the mask will move across the screen smoothly following the concealed object. To get the effect of small mosaics, apply a special module. To open it click the Event FX. For example, patterns Large or Medium, you can use the Pixelate module. Try to restart the video and evaluate the results.