There are multiple variations of squats, including with the use of dumbbells or barbells to increase the effectiveness of squats. Depending on different ways to do squats, the emphasis is on different muscle groups. For example, squats on both legs works the muscles of the thigh; squat on the toes to activate the work of the calf muscles; squats on one leg alternately strengthen the muscles of the buttocks.
Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Hands to dissolve in hand or keep on the belt. Back keep straight. Reducing stomach muscles, bend your knees, resting on the whole foot. In time with the squats hands can be pulled in front of you, or get them for the back of the head, or raise them on the sides along the body. Slowly return to the starting standing position and repeat the squats. This exercise strengthens the thigh muscles and calf.
Starting position similar to the first embodiment. The only difference is that in this exercise with squat, we focus not on the whole foot, but only on toes. This way of squats will involve your calf muscles.
Another version of squats. Stand with legs at shoulder width, knees out. Hands can be put on belt or dissolve them in the parties. From this initial position are performed squats. At the same time, the deeper you perform squats, the better. This kind of sit-UPS strengthens the muscles of the inner thigh.
The main objective of the exercise to squats to increase your strength, health and well-being. It is important not to give the descent of his laziness and to persevere, persistence in achieving goals.