Squat – an exercise in which the man lowers his torso down by bending the knees. There are many variations of sit-UPS in which different muscles are utilized in varying degrees. Select the right exercise depending on your goals and sport: for example, there are powerlifters squats is the most deep and heavy, they provide the greatest load on the muscles. Use squats bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, weight lifters, this exercise is even included in the basic set of exercises which is often done in physical education classes in kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, sports sections.
Squats have on the body a whole range of different effects: they increase the blood circulation in the pelvic area, which stimulates faster metabolism and helps to get rid of cellulite; they burn huge amount of calories; they contribute to the formation of a beautiful posture; and most important – they strengthen the muscles, thereby making people stronger, fitter, more mobile, with the relief of the lower part of the body becomes clearer and more expressive.
Most while classic sit-UPS, when the buttocks are pushed back, back straight, feet are parallel and your heels not leave the ground, working the quads is a large muscle on the front of the legs and gluteal muscles. If a little dilute socks in the side and the back tilted forward (not rounding), you can increase the load on the buttocks. The wider the legs are divorced, the less involved the outer thigh muscles, located on either side from the outside, and more are included quads. Wide squats with divorced socks legs – plie – work inner thigh. Shallow squats without additional weight other small leg muscles, including the gastrocnemius, are utilized to a lesser extent. The deeper squat and more weight, the harder it is to squat and the more load on the calves.
Also, if squats works the back, even if no additional weight have to keep your posture straight, causing the back muscles to strain and become stronger. The press is also activated during exercise, although only slightly.
The deeper squats and more weight, the stronger grow muscles – it helps to create the desired topography. More intense, but less severe and shallow squats increase muscle endurance, strengthen them, but do not contribute to their increase.