Proper technique of squats

To lose weight using sit-UPS, you must follow a special technique. The legs should stand a little wider than shoulder width and hands on the exercise is to go forward. This will help to keep the balance. Socks are a bit apart. You need to squat, taking the pelvis as far back as possible. Endpoint squats is the place where your thighs become parallel to the floor. Need to get up, shifting the weight on your heels and using the power of the back of the thighs. More experienced athletes squat below parallel with the floor, but it is fraught with knee injuries. Back when squatting should be straight forward you should also follow the knees - cannot be pushed or to push, helping the body to rise. Exercise should be done slowly, concentrating in the lower position. When lowering you need to take a breath and when lifting exhale.

Squats involve a large number of muscles - of gluteal, muscles of the back, front and inner thigh, calf muscles and even the muscles of the back and press. It makes squats effective way to lose weight. Start the exercise with 5-8 times on 4 approach. Gradually increase the number of repetitions to 15. Rest between sets should be 40-60 seconds.
To achieve the effect of more important proper technique, not quantity of repetitions.

Embodiments of squats

For the best effect of squats performed with a barbell or with dumbbells. With the squats, the neck is placed on the shoulders and tightly compressed. The grip should be wide enough. If squats, you need to keep your back straight, shoulders deployed, the body should not lean forward - all this will help to avoid back injuries. For starters, you can perform the exercises with an empty fretboard in 15 kg, and then gradually increase the weight. A variant of this exercise - squats in the simulator Smith. There is a fretboard mounted on hinges and glides up and down in a special frame. To complete the exercises in this simulator are much easier, but it is less effective in the fight against obesity. Also, when doing squats you can use a dumbbell or kettlebell - they need to be kept in the lowered hands.
Squats are very good for the body. They are even used for rehabilitation training after injuries.

Alternatively, squats are performed with different placing of the feet. For example, there are squats sumo at their performance feet are placed wider, while making the squat the knees are pushed apart. There are also plie squats, reminiscent of the characteristic movements of classical dance. For effective weight-loss and endurance training using plyometric squat by jumping up.