Teach your child to be open to new friendships. In order to make new friends, your son or daughter needs to be ready for it. Customize them to meet interesting peers, learn to talk about themselves and interested in other people.
Help him to become sociable. In the camp there is hardly time to read books or portable console. Therefore, prepare the child for the fact that in those few weeks he will have a lot of contacts with other guys who want to know him better, what they need to reciprocate. Will teach you not to shut down communication, but rather to go forward.
Tell me about the importance of events in the camp. Their visit, of course, not strictly necessary, but that they happen the most pleasant experience. There your child can find friends not only from his party but also from other groups. Many meetings provide an opportunity to learn dozens of new people in the following days to greet and exchange a few phrases with them in the morning, and by the end of the shift safely to exchange phone numbers and Internet addresses.
Indicate their attitude to the conflict from within the group and beyond. To find friends you should be able to stay away from controversy and all the problems be solved peacefully. Otherwise, the child will be called quarrelsome, and his return home will be unpleasant because of unpleasant experiences from those around him in the camp of children coming into contact with him.