Note the day your child was born in one of children's city cafe. In good weather you can enjoy the outdoor area. Among the places worth a visit cafe "Atmosphere of Childhood" and "Divo-Ostrov".
Visit with the child in the Leningrad zoo. Here you will enjoy seeing carnivores, primates, ungulates, rodents and birds. In addition, when the zoo runs zoo where you can see animals from different parts of the world, including interesting multi-colored snakes, unusual tropical lizards. Staff offer educational tours: as a General, for example, review and more narrowly focused, for example, birds or rare animals. Here you and your baby have the opportunity to participate in a unique virtual journey across the continents of the Earth.
Give your child a lot of unforgettable emotions in the Big St. Petersburg state circus. Here you will find an enchanting performance involving animals, gymnasts, clowns. The cost of tickets ranges from 300 to 2000 rubles. If your baby is not yet 5 years old, you can hold it for free and put it on her lap.
Take a cosmic journey in St. Petersburg Planetarium. Your child will surely enjoy to be a part of the star team. In the hall of the "Planet" you will be able to visit the most beautiful corners of the Earth, but because of the fun and learn a lot. Your child will remember this unusual birthday.
Go to the Dino Park and get into the prehistoric world through the thematic theme. Merry-go-round among the waterfalls and hanging vines will not leave indifferent your child. Contact in advance to the administrators of the institution. They provide services for organizing children's birthdays: the decoration of the hall, a salute of soap bubbles, a disco and a tale in which you will get your baby together with your guests.